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Venom (standard:other, 1052 words)
Author: Port LataineAdded: Jan 22 2002Views/Reads: 1640/1017Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Chapter 29 of The World of Harold and His Lovely Wife. Good as a short story, too. Why is peace a bad thing? Let's try to find out...


They were in a huge swarm all around his body, covering his face.  The
hum was deafening.  He tried to scream, but the words just would not 
come out of his mouth.  He was in shock.  And then he felt pain.  A bee 
had stung him, a little prick on his left shoulder.  You can feel pain 
while dreaming? he wondered. 

Then he woke up. 

He was blurry-eyed and not sure what had happened.  Oh, he thought, it
was just a dream, a nightmare, with millions of bees swarming all 
around.  At least it was only a dream... 

But then the man saw a figure, a silhouette of a human being.  No, maybe
not a human being.  It looked like this thing had horns.  Horns?  Was 
he still dreaming?  Such a devilish figure!  Maybe he was dreaming 
again, like you might see in a television show or something. 

He looked for facial features, but he just could not find any familiar
points to focus on.  Just a silhouette of a devil.  This shadow 
frightened the man.  Was it real?  Or was it a figment of his 
imagination?  Maybe it was a coat hanger.  What an eerie sight to wake 
up to:  the devil staring blankly at you! 

The frightened and confused man was curious, though, so he built up the
courage to ask, "Hello?  Who are you?" 

"A sworn enemy." 


"A sworn enemy?" 

"And an act of Revenge." 

"An act of revenge?" 

More silence. 

"Hello?  Who are you?"  The man was very frightened now because he did
not expect an answer from this shadow, this devilish figure. 

"But do not worry, Mr. Goode, you had good intentions, just not our
intentions, not the Correct intentions.  It's just a flaw that you were 
born with.  Nothing more.  Nothing less."  This shadow had a 
surprisingly human voice, almost a kind voice, a soothing voice that 
put Mr. Goode at ease, though he was still filled with anxiety and 
confusion.  Who was this man?  Why was this strange man in his bedroom? 

"But I'd like to know--just who ARE you?  Why are you here..." 

"Oh, you know me,"  The shadow had born a human figure, containing a
human face.  "Yes.  Yes, you know me, Mr. Goode.  We went to school 
together.  We used to be pretty good buddies.  That was a long time 
ago, however, and I'll not be offended if you don't recognize me.  I've 
changed.  I have changed more than anyone cares to know.  Everyone 
called me Nat, instead of Nate, as a joke because I was so small and 
defenseless.  Well, the name stuck, Mr. Goode.  You, too, can call me 
Nat.  Nat Asmai." 

Because the shadow was unveiled, Mr. Goode now recognized the figure. 
He was indeed an old buddy from school.  He hadn't changed that much, 
though, at least not in the face, but Mr. Goode didn't recall the two 
horns sticking out of his old buddy's head.  Were they even real? 

"Well, it's good to see you again...I guess.  But what are you doing
here?  And how did you get in?" 

"Doors usually aren't a problem for me." 

Not exactly knowing what Mr. Asmai meant, "Oh, I see." 

Silence.  Again. 

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