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21 (standard:adventure, 3046 words)
Author: Lowell GuerraAdded: Jan 27 2002Views/Reads: 1988/1476Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
ch 1 and 2 a story about a 19 year old boy with a good heart. a guy named Dragon finds that boy and makes him a better fighter, and also along the way, feeds him knowledge.This story has humans and also faeries. The 19 year old boy tries to save a little


by Lowell Guerra ©2002 


It was thanksgiving day. But 21 wasn't aware of it at the moment. He
left his parents' age at 19 since his parents were tired of him and 
hated him. Although he was nice, but a whole bunch of people hated him 
as soon as they saw him. He could hold in his anger good, but when 
people just pushed the limit, he had no choice but to let it out.  His 
parents forced him to hold in his anger as long as he could; they told 
him he couldn't break, throw anything or even SCREAM! Those are the 
ONLY ways to let out anger, so when he got mad, people would say he was 
crazy. But that was kind of over now. 21 roams around the streets on 
foot! He has no license, no college or even a GED. The thing was, 21 
didn't see anything at all that was good in a GED, other than to prove 
to your own self that you're smart enough to get it. He didn't have a 
girl since he was ugly. He had the most ugly natural face on the earth; 
big ears and a big nose. His ears were ESPECIALLY big, the biggests 
anyone has ever seen on a person. He was always ridiculed about them 
when he was in school, even when he was in highschool. And also he was 
always picked on in his elementary school since he was philipino (but 
considered white) in an all black school. To the black people in that 
school, they're motto was: if you ain't black, you WHITE! So the black 
people in his elementary schoool beat him up in groups of fours all the 
time to get even to what happened to their ancestors many, many, many 
years ago. Today, had brought back 21 a bad memory. 

"Hey what's this?" 21 asked himself as he picked up a blue bandana from
the floor. He looked at it a bit, and then decided to make it into a 
head band. So he tied it around his head, above his eye brows. 21 
didn't even know how to fight. He has never won a real fight in his 
entire life. He walked over and found two quarters and picked them up. 
That was one of the ways that he got money, since he has no job 
experience. Even though he had no real house or any money, he would 
always put a smile on his face when he looked down at his shirt at the 
21 symbol. The numbers 21 was on his shirt, like a logo. He loved the 
way logos looked on t-shirts. His hair was spiked but long, so it went 
forward, instead of straight up. He couldn't afford a haircut. It was 
long but not really long. He used some of his money that he saved up, 
for haircuts and food after he went away from his parents' house. But 
now he only had fifty-cents, 2 quarters to be exact. 

"I'm full," said a kid to his mother. They were but a few steps from 21.
He was eating a some chicken from KFC. That looked quite tasty to 21, 
since he didn't eat the whole day. 

"Throw it away then, 'cause I don't want it," mother said. 21 ran up to

"WAIT! If you don't want it, can I have it?" 21 asked them. The little
boy and the mother looked him up and down. They saw that he was pretty 
dirty. They knew he was a bum. They gave him the chicken and left right 
away, even before he thanked them. After he was finished, he continued 
to walk. 

"Hey, CRACKER!" a black man said as he stood in front of 21. "What you
doin' here?!"  The black man pointed a finger at him. 

"I was just walkin'. I travel by foot everyday." 

"Well white boy! You in da black man zone! And we don't want no damn
crackers hea!" He said with a lot of anger. "Feel the black power 
punch!" The black man dashed and threw  a very strong punch as 21 
blocked his face as he crossed his arms in front of his face. A white 
guy dashed quickly and blocked  the black man's punch with the wrist of 
his hand. After 21 didn't feel anything, he knew something had happened 
to stop the punch to his face, so he opened his eyes. 

"Maurice, leave this guy alone! He didn't know this was a black man's
neighborhood!" Feeling ashamed, Maurice felt tears coming down his 
eyes. Maurice knew he couldn't beat the white guy that had blocked his 

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