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Nikki (standard:drama, 823 words)
Author: LawlessAdded: Jan 29 2002Views/Reads: 2084/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
There was this girl named Nicole. Her friends called her a bunch of various names, I called her Nikki. She was a young blonde haired girl, but she had everyone fooled, because she was a smart blonde...

I approached her in a bar one night, a bar in a town called Sweetwater,
just outside of Hillsboro. The place was quiet, and the juke box was 
playing an acoustic tune by Staind.  Nikki sat on a bar stool fixing 
her hair. I walked into the familiar saloon after a long day in my 
garage on the other side of town, where I fix up old cars. 

The woman looked up and smiled.  I knew exactly what I was in for with
this one. 

She stared at me with her beautiful eyes.  I thought perhaps it was my
new cologne that had caught her attention, but then I quickly 
remembered that I had been slaving away all day on an old Chevy 
convertible restoration so I was still all dirty and rugged.  You know 
how much girls like that. 

"Bartender," I said, "pour me a Guinness, and pour another one of what
she's having." She accepted her new drink, and we toasted the special 
event.  I took the stool beside her and a sip of my freshly poured 

"Thanks cowboy," she said in a sweet voice.  Not in a while had I heard
a sound as beautiful as her voice. 

"Cheers."  we said in unison.  For the next few minutes we sat looking
at each other but not speaking, we just continued enjoying our drinks 
and each other's company. 

"You look great in that outfit, darling."  I said.  I said it really
cool like John Travolta would. 

"Listen friend, you wanna get out of here for a little bit?  Maybe take
a drive somewhere with me?"  She spoke in that same sweet voice, now 
looking right at me with her pouty red lips and the same big beautiful 
green eyes. 

"Sure." I said without a hint of excitement, still just sipping my beer.
 I wanted to play hard to get and see if she took the bait.  But deep 
down I was bubbling at the chance to get out of that dingy bar and into 
a more comfortable climate with this beautiful young lady. 

"Great!," she said and with that she grabbed up her purse and her keys. 

We headed outside to where we had parked.  My green Kawasaki race bike,
and her black Firebird stood there in the silence.  No other cars were 
around.  She said, "Lets take my car.  You drive." 

I took the keys and we took a left turn out of the parking lot, now
heading westbound on Rte. 148. In the car we talked a little, but 
mostly she sat quiet enjoying the wind blowing through her hair from 
the open T-tops of the Firebird. 

"This car runs well for an '79"  I said, trying to spark some small

"There is a nice spot up ahead on the side of the road where you can
pull off and park."  She said, ignoring the car-talk. 

"Oh the lookout point, on the left side of the highway?" I asked. 

"That's the one." She said, still looking at me.  Though this time when
our eyes met she winked at me. I drove another half a mile.  Just like 
she had said, off on the left was a small area of shoulder off the side 
of the highway where drivers could park.  Often drivers would get out 
to see the view from the cliff, or to stretch their legs if they had 
been driving for a long time. 

"Right here is good," she said, "Lets get out and look down on the

"Okay," I replied.  In my mind I was thinking about the time I had made
out with a girl in high school on a similar roadside situation, on the 
hood of my old Corvette. 

I closed the door to the car, and walked to the front where she was
waiting for me.  She said nothing.  Then in a flash she grabbed me, and 
threw me to the ground.  Then she proceeded to-- --when we finished the 
sun was already coming up.  We felt exhausted and refreshed all at 
once.  It was an awesome feeling. She asked if I lived near.  I told 
her that I worked near here, and that I often stopped into the bar 
where we had met after hours.  She said that she would look for me the 
next time that she was in town.  I told her I would enjoy that. 

She tossed me the keys one more time and we drove back to the bar.  We
kissed once in front of the bar, then in a flash she was gone.  She 
jumped in her car and peeled out fast in the Pontiac, leaving a cloud 
of dust behind. 

I took my helmet from the side of my bike and started my own machine. 
After a few revs of my engine, I too was gone from the bar and heading 
home to rest before work started up again in a few hours... 


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