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What Color Eyes? (standard:romance, 1340 words)
Author: Amanda_C_BrownAdded: Feb 01 2002Views/Reads: 2442/1510Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a bit of a typical story on abortion, romance, and the well-know teenage mom, dna-dad story.

Margo sat in the chair, in the waiting room of the hospital. How she
hated the hospital- the way it smelled like chemicals and the way it 
felt like no one was healthy but her. It felt like she was trapped in a 
pool of disease and there was going to be no escape-she was sure to 
catch something....but none the less, she had promised Dana that she'd 
be supportive of her, after all Dana was her best friend. Yet, she 
couldn't believe that Dana, at age sixteen, was delivering a baby. And 
the father? Dana had no idea. It was a hectic week for them all- the 
entire last 2 years had been chaotic. 

It had started two years ago, when the school had held the 8th Grade
Valentine's Dance. Margo had gone with Ryan Logan and Dana, after 
breaking up with Nate Marl had attended with hunky Adam Teller. Nate 
and Dana had been on for three months, but Nate had decided he was more 
interested in the sexy new girl, Camden Moore. So Adam, who'd evidently 
been crushing on Dana for a length of time, had asked her to be his 
Valentine. Ryan, on the other hand, was more of a good friend than a 
date, though they did share a kiss at the end of the evening. Margo's 
boyfriend, Mark Aarons, lived about 50 miles away. She and Mark had 
dated when she attended that school, and when she departed they decided 
to stick it out until whenever. Mark, as loving as he was, was no doubt 
messing with other girls while he had the chance. And no one could say 
otherwise for Margo. 

The Valentine's Dance had been a boring night, and afterwords the four
decided to head to the local Park and hang out. Lisa Clark, Matt Yoran, 
Jennie Clint, Sal Bridge, Denise Russo, and Kyle Everett decided to tag 
along as well. The group sat around by the pond and in the moonlight 
began a no-boundaries game of Truth Or Dare. The girls, a little less 
adventurous than the guys, held onto their "truths" and once in awhile 
exclaimed "Dare." Margo, who was less adventurous than anyone had 
decided to show them all up and say "Dare" in the No-consequence, 
No-boundary round. And she'd righteously been demanded to jump into the 
pond-naked. Of course, if she didn't want to be stripped and thrown in 
she had to do it herself. And she did. Following suit, Dana allowed to 
be dared-and she was dared to go all the way with Adam. Adam didn't 
mind, and neither did she-so they did. 

Two weeks later Dana had phoned Margo, hysterically crying. She was
pregnant. The two girls together discussed the options and what to tell 
Adam. It came down to an abortion-and keeping the truth from Adam. Dana 
scheduled and appointment, and went through with the abortion. She 
never told Adam, as the girls had vowed not to do. And Margo had been 
scared to even kiss a guy for weeks thereafter....neither girl would 
play Truth Or Dare for atleast 6 months. 

Adam had stayed with Dana up until now, and had not been aware of Dana's
sideline boyfriend. Chris Vere was nothing special-but Dana had told 
Margo he could put on a show in bed. It scared Margo that even after 
the scary pregnancy that Dana was sexually active-too sexually active. 
Margo had vowed never to have sex with a man unless she was married to 
him-not only because of her religion, which she scarcely followed, but 
because of Dana's Truth Or Dare pregnancy accident. It had always been 
a thought whisked away-don't have sex until marriage-until that had 
happened. But Dana's attitude seemed more like "I had once abortion-I 
can have another." 

And exactly nine months ago another frantic phone call for Margo-from
Dana. It wasn't hard to guess she was pregnant-but what really scared 
Dana was she didn't know who the father was-Adam or Chris. That had 
sent the two girls off into a spinning universe of confusion. Margo had 
been Dana's friend since they were kids-though Margo had lived 50 miles 
away. Still, that hadn't stopped their mothers and fathers from meeting 
for dinner on every Saturday night-a ritual that had been started 
nearly two years before the girls were born. And that was how Margo and 
Dana had met-and continued an ever-growing friendship. It was Margo's 
duty to stay loyal and support Dana throughout this. 

And now here she was, in the hospital waiting room as Dana was in room
520 delivering this baby. And she knew the baby would be whisked right 
away for a DNA test. Morgan's eyes ventured to two male figures sitting 
across the waiting room. She rose from her chair and sat between 
them...she looked into Chris's eyes, and then Adam's. She realized 
something suddenly...Chris's eyes were blue and Adam's were brown-she 
thought about both guy's parents-whom she'd met at a parents-students 

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