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The Passing (standard:poetry, 238 words)
Author: StriderAdded: Feb 06 2002Views/Reads: 1865/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A short poem, which I originally intended to be an ending to my novel.

And as the light faded, she gazed at him, as she had always done for so
long. Her blue eyes, as blue as on the day they first met. Now glazed 
with the forming of tears. Her smile, a smile which had for so many a 
time made him feel warm and secure in the most dark of days now seemed 
to make her face glow. He clasped her hand in his as a tear slowly 
trickled down her soft cheek. Her smile seemed to weaken, he felt his 
energy being withdrawn, his soul being taken from him. 

Their eyes locked together, she stared into his dark, piercing gaze. His
grey eyes had been so mysterious to her, yet also strangely familiar 
and friendly. She felt his hand around hers, as she watched a tear 
begin to form in his eyes. She wanted to hold him, feel his warm 
embrace, to feel safe again as she once had. Her strength was fading 
and her tight grip on his hand began to falter, she didn’t want to let 

He watched as her gaze grew distant. Her eyes closed and her grip
failed. He didn’t let go. He closed his eyes and for a brief second, 
all his memories of her flashed before him. Their first meeting, their 
first embrace. All up until now. He opened his eyes and whilst still 
holding her hand he kissed her forehead. 



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