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Talking In Whispers (standard:drama, 1478 words)
Author: Gryfinndor_GirlAdded: Feb 24 2002Views/Reads: 2219/1312Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Based on the novel 'Talking In Whispers' by James Watson, this stroy follows two sisters as they try to smuggle weapons to the resistance, under the eyes of the Junta.

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‘You!...Yes you porter!’ he shouted across the platform. 

A young porter approached us. 

‘Help these two lovely senoritas with their luggage!’ 

I think the porter was as scared of the soldier than we were, because
after muttering something about having to look after, he helped us 

As we walked down the platform, I was shaking all over. That had been a
close call, too close. I could see people staring at us, as if they 
could read our thoughts. It seemed like an eternity till we reached the 

‘Compartments A, Seats 18 and 19’ I told the porter. I think the meeting
with the soldier had shaken us all up because the boy didn’t talk to us 

As we entered our compartment the porter was already putting our bags
onto the luggage rack. My heart leapt into my throat as the guns 
clattered together noisily. 

‘What have you got in here? Machine Guns?’ he asked. 

My heart skipped a few beats, and my sister took a sharp intake of

‘Presents’ a voice said, it took me a few moments to realise it was me
speaking. I gave the porter a tip and hoped he would leave us alone. He 
did. We sat back and waited for the second leg of our journey to 

As I was looking out across the station I saw a black van pull up. It
was the security. I knew they were after us before they started walking 
towards our carriage. I jumped up and my sister followed. We started 
running down the train. We were caught within seconds. We were marched 
down the platform with everyone watching us. No-one helped us, no-one 
even dared to speak for fear of the Security. We were thrown violently 
into the back of the van. We sat in the corner hugging each other and 
crying softly to ourselves. We knew life would never be the same. We 
could die... 

The House Of Laughter, it was an inappropriate name. No-one laughs here.
No-one speaks. They just cry out in pain and fear. When we got there we 
were taken down a long corridor, lined with soldiers. They hit and 
kicked us as we stumbled to the end. I began thinking of a line from a 
song I used to sing ‘I can see light at the end of tunnel’. Which is 
what I could see, but only literally. We were led into the locker room 
of the National Stadium. Cheri was taken first. I could hear her 
screams from where I was sitting. She screamed so loud! I though to 
myself. But gradually I heard less and less of her. I don’t think I 
will ever see my sister again, not alive anyway. 

I was not called in till a few hours later. As I walked down the
corridor I thought of my sister and my brother, and whether I would be 
joining them where ever they were. When I got there I saw blood all 
over the walls and floor. My sisters. 

At first they just asked me questions. If they didn’t hear the answers
they wanted to hear, they would slap me round the face or kick me. They 
got tired of this and in the end I was strapped to the wall. They were 
talking quietly between themselves. After a while the first man poured 
water over the floor, while the second tied a wire round my small toe. 
I knew what was coming next, you heard them in the horror stories, of 
the ones that escaped. The electric shock treatment. 

‘Tell us where you got the guns from!’ He thundered in my ear. 

‘I don’t know what your talking about’ I moaned 

The pain was like a thousand knives stabbing me all at once. It
travelled up my body. I saw blue lightning in front of my eyes. The 
shock went into my brain, buzzing inside my head, like a mad bee. I 
could feel the surge of electricity through my body. The last thing I 
remember is slumping in my chains. 

As I slowly opened my eyes. I felt an intense pain throbbing in my head.
I could not understand what had happened. I knew I was trapped in a 
dark room, I could feel a presence of another person in the room. 

‘Who are you?’ a strange voice said to me. 

I opened my mouth a tried to speak. What came out sounded alien to my
own ears. He repeated the question. 

‘Who are you?’ 

I tried to tell him. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t talk, I felt
confused and alone. I               remember being carried over his 
shoulder and placed on a table. I could here people talking to me. 

‘Who are you?’ 

‘Do you know where you are?’ 

‘How old are you?’ 

The questions kept coming, I squeezed my eyes shut and I longed to press
my hands to my ears. My eyes wouldn’t focus. My body wouldn’t move. I 
couldn’t speak 

‘What’s the diagnoses doctor?’ The man who was in the cell with me

‘It’s brain damage I’m afraid’ a voice said from behind the white blur
in front of my eyes. 

‘She’s no good to us anymore!’ One man said. 

‘Take her away, kill her...’ 



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