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Talking In Whispers (standard:drama, 1478 words)
Author: Gryfinndor_GirlAdded: Feb 24 2002Views/Reads: 2392/1467Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Based on the novel 'Talking In Whispers' by James Watson, this stroy follows two sisters as they try to smuggle weapons to the resistance, under the eyes of the Junta.

Authors Note: This story was written by me around 3 years ago, and is
based upon the book ‘Talking In Whispers’ written by James Watson. It 
was based on a true story about the military coup that took place in 
Chile. I chose two characters that were mentioned in passing in the 
book, and created a story about their lives outside the part-role in 
the books. The two sisters his chapter is about were met briefly by the 
main character of the book Andres, who was in the disguised of a train 
porter. The book is well worth a read, it will make you laugh and cry 
in every chapter! 


‘It won’t work!’ I shouted, ‘It just won’t work.’ 

There are Black Berets everywhere at the moment, at the shops, at the
cinema and at the train station. My parents Julio and Lanar ran a 
successful weapons company. By day they worked at a coffee shop in 
Santiago, by night they sold weapons to the resistance. We hoped to 
sell to anyone we could, to overthrow the Junta. 

Now my parents want my sister Cheri and I to deliver a few weapons to a
clothes shop in a nearby city. The trouble is we will have to take the 
train, in broad daylight. 

‘All you have to do is catch the train and deliver the goods to them,
it’s not hard’ my father argued in an unconvincing tone. 

‘Yes’ my mother replied, ‘Take them in two suitcases, if anyone asks say
they are presents!’ 

‘Ok’ my sister Cheri agreed, sighing deeply. 

‘What have we got to take?’ I asked. 

‘A few revolvers, knives some other things’ my father said sensing my
resolve weakening ‘They’re only for personal protection’ he added with 
a pleading look in his eyes. 

‘It’s heavy stuff, we’ll have to pack them separately otherwise they’ll
clang together,’ my father added in a thoughtful voice. 

I told them I needed time to think it over. I went to my small cave near
the stream at the bottom of the valley. I always used to go down there 
with my sister. I knew the Junta were aware of us, but I wasn’t sure 
how much they knew. Still, it would be risky. For a moment I let my 
mind wonder back to a few weeks ago, when my brother Marino 
‘disappeared’. Tears came to my eyes, no doubt the Junta had something 
to do with it. I hope he’ll survive, and I hope he doesn’t tell them 
about our little ‘business’... 

It was 12:00, high noon and my sister and I were at the train station.
Cheri and I were dressed in our new dresses and high heals. I began to 
think that it was a mistake because all the men were looking at us now, 
we were drawing attention to ourselves. We had just got out of the taxi 
and were looking around .In one corner of the station there was a 
puppet show on, I squinted at the name on the sign behind the mans 

‘Marionettes De Los Gelemos’ I murmured as the ostrich pecked around the
ground at the peoples feet. 

Suddenly we spotted a soldier striding towards us. Panic squeezed my
chest like a dangerous snake. 

‘Oh-oh’ I said. 

‘Here comes trouble’ my sister replied. 

‘What can I do for you two lovely ladies?’ He said in an oily sounding

I nearly Blew out my sigh of relief. He wasn’t after us! 

‘Err-can you find someone to help us with our bags?’ I finally

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