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Anticipated Reminiscing (standard:romance, 896 words)
Author: SareAdded: Mar 06 2002Views/Reads: 3460/2088Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A pair of lovers wait out a storm.

They lay on the bed, the three of them, as the storm rages outside.  His
arms are wrapped around her from behind, he cradles her against his 
chest and his heartbeat fills her with warmth as she feels it through 
her back.  His arm around her and the palm of his hand on her stomach 
spread comfort and a feeling of safety across her skin.  The baby who 
sleeps cradled to her breast isn't theirs, and they both feel a pang of 
loss when they remember this.  The baby's soft snores mingle with their 
shared sighs as they stare out the window at the snow blowing through 
the darkness. 

“What if it had been raining the day we met?” she murmurs. 

His voice is husky with love and laughter as he murmurs back, “Then I
would have met you with an umbrella as you stepped off the dock.  I 
would have given you a hug...” his arms tighten and she chuckles.  “And 
probably a kiss...” she feels his lips just below her ear and turns her 
head slightly to him.  “And then I would have walked you to the car, 
with my arm around you, and opened the door for you, and then closed it 
once you got in.  Then I would have gone around and closed the umbrella 
and gotten into the car to sit beside you.” 

She smiles, and though she can't see him, she knows that he is smiling,
too.  The baby stirs and she ducks her chin to press her lips to the 
top of his head.  He whimpers slightly and she gently pulls him closer. 
 She feels her lover's arms tighten again.  A candle flickers wildly in 
harmony with the howling wind.  The baby settles, snuggling sleepily. 

He breaks the silence with a soft whisper against her ear.  “Tell me how
you remember it, that day we met.” 

She nods, smoothing the baby's hair absently.  Her lips touch down on
the back of his head once more before she lifts her eyes to the window. 

“The sun was shining.  I thought I'd be so nervous as the ferry slipped
through the water, but I wasn't.  I stood on the deck, the wind ripping 
through my hair, my jacket flapping, taking pictures of the islands.  
As we pulled into the harbour my stomach clenched.  I went inside and 
looked in the mirror, staring at my reflection.  I brushed my hair, put 
on some fresh lip gloss.  Then I remembered that I wanted to kiss you, 
and wiped it off.”  His laughter is a soft rumble that fills her ears 
and vibrates through her back. 

“Go on, love.” 

“I let a few dozen people go ahead of me.  Finally I walked down the
stairs, across the dock.  My eyes searched everywhere until they 
settled on you.  I reached up blindly to pull my sunglasses off, 
staring at you.  You were leaning against the hood of your car, wearing 
your sunglasses, trying to look cool.” 

“Did it work?  Did I look cool?” 


“Go on...” 

“I could tell the exact moment you realized it was me, because your face
broke into a grin.  Just like you're wearing now,” she added, and his 
fingers on her stomach moved slightly over her skin.  “I walked towards 
you.  Like a child, wanting to break into a run, to throw myself into 
your arms, and yet forcing myself to walk steadily.  Then you stood up 
straighter, pulled your sunglasses off, and started walking to meet 

“You looked so beautiful.” 



“Finally we stood face to face, eyes locked.  I took another hesitant
step towards you, and you opened your arms.  I stepped closer and 
lifted my arms as yours closed around me.” 

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