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Of dust and bone (standard:horror, 960 words)
Author: JadeAdded: Mar 11 2002Views/Reads: 2621/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A vampire short story set in a club in any nondiscript city.

Of dust and bone 

Bone Jarring ear splitting music filled the tiny club as Kat made her
way though the crowd. Its was the last weekend before halloween and 
every goth loving freak had come out to see that nights local band.  
Seeing an opening she quickly squeezed her body though it and bellied 
up to the bar. Only Moil was in sight as she waved a few bills over the 
head of some drunk kid who looked even deader than she felt.  Not for 
the first time that night she wondered why she had come. Was it to 
alleviate the boredom of to many nights spent at home on the net or 
maybe something more. A wish to feel young again, to recapture that 
wondrous sense of awe that you only found on a fri night with your 
friends when you where sixteen. What can i get you beautiful? 

Moli was smiling down at her with a hint of amusement on his handsome
face. Of all the times Kat had seen him he never ceased to lose his 
amused smile. A look that made her think  he had just heard a joke and 
wanted to share it with her. Jack coke if you please. She said with a 
sweet smile as the band kicked into something hard and danceable. 
Around her the crowd seemed to come alive as Moli returned with her 
drink. His smile shifted slightly as he looked past her towards the 
back of the room. Looks like your lucky night sweets. placing a napkin 
under the drink he tipped his head in the direction of his gaze.  Looks 
like you got yourself an admirer. Without another word he turned and 
walked away, ignoring the bills she had placed on the bar. Surprised 
she turned around but the crowd had closed in, covering whomever had 
decided to play gentleman. 

Picking up her drink she pushed away from the bar, dodging dancing
bodies and staggering idiots alike. Weaving around a pair of girls who 
looked no older than twelve she headed for the small row of booths and 
tables on the edge of the dance floor. She didn't really think she 
would find an open seat but it looked a little more promising than 
standing with your back against the cold cinderblock walls of the bar. 
To her surprise a spot opened up in the corner next to the most 
beautiful creature she had ever seen. He was leaning casually against 
the wall, one leather clad leg braced behind him. His hands placed on 
his hips like a models.  His Long sleek black hair softly framing his 
pale black lit face. her breath caught as the corners of his lips 
curled into a hungry smile.  She knew that look well but on him it 
looked natural. As if he had been born with it. Jewel green eyes 
glittered fiercely under thick black lashes as he drank in the sight of 
her. Stunned, she could only stand there staring at him. Feeling 
increasingly out of place as friends and lovers talked and danced 
around them. 

Your welcome. He mouthed, tipping his own glass to her. You?   She
mouthed, lifting her drink to him. With a slight lift of one velvet 
clad shoulder he gave her that smile again, making her want to melt. At 
a loss for words she closed the gap between them. Her nose wrinkling as 
she caught the faintest smell of earth and dead flowers. You looked as 
if you might need it.   Those glittering eyes fixed on her face, daring 
her to deny it or look away with a blush. she did neither. That i did, 
and i should repay the kindness.  Reaching for his empty glass she 
realized how very white he was. Much more than the others around them. 
Hesitating she fixed her eyes on his red lips, could almost feel them 
on her throat. A hard shiver moved though her as the room tilted. Here, 
let me. 

Taking her arm he led her along the wall to the side door. The air was
cool and faintly damp as they pushed out into the dark alley. Somehow 
her drink had vanished along with her ability to speak. She felt like 
her head had been stuffed with cotton. Could he have spiked her drink 
or had she just been overcome by the thick smoke and press of the 
crowd. Better? He asked with that soft deadly smile of his. Much. Sorry 
you had to see that.  Smiling apologetically she pushed the mass of 
blond curls out of her eyes. It was much too cool a night to be wearing 
a short dress but the heat of the club had made her feel like she was 
in a sauna. I should probably go home.  She said with a soft laugh, not 
quite willing to end their encounter. Perhaps, but you can never really 
go home again. She heard the longing in his voice, wondered at its 
meaning even as he pushed her up against the wall.  His once gentle 
hands bruising the tender flesh of her upper arms. Shock and fear 
played across her upturned face. he was grinning now, showing the 
barest hint of sharp fangs. Even if you live your life to the fullest 
its not always enough. sharp spiraling pain ended her terrified 
thoughts as he sank his teeth deep into her throat. the scream dyeing 
on her lips as he tore at the jugular.  With his hands in her hair he 
began to drink, filling the emptiness that clawed and squirmed inside 
him. The smell of summer rain and floral perfume filled his nose, 
sending him back. And  perhaps for a little while making him feel like 
he was sixteen again. 


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