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The Midnight within (standard:horror, 634 words)
Author: JadeAdded: Mar 11 2002Views/Reads: 2401/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A short story about love and a twisted mind.

The midnight within 

Dragged from the comforts of sleep Jess moaned softly. the sweet kiss of
nausea rolling through her aching head as she opened her eyes. The tick 
of the clock on her nightstand gave small comfort as she squinted into 
the darkness of the bedroom. Black walls accented by the dark reds of 
her carpet and curtains whispered that everything was ok. Her beloved 
posters of Marlin manson and Nine inch nails all black lit and glossy 
in the small room. 

Thirsty, she moved to sit up only to feel sharp pain sing to life in her
hands. Blinking through the soft curtain of dyed black hair she stared 
down at her legs, ghostly and thin in the pale moonlight that shone 
through her open window. Bright blue eyes fixed on a dark spot high up 
on one thigh, other spots dotting her belly and the sheet under her. 
Panic sizzled to life as her gaze shifted from the sheets to her 
tingling fingers. both wrists where secured to her headboard with 
strips of her own black lace dress. From the darkness a cool black 
nailed hand caressed her temple, drawing a thick strand of inky  hair 
away from her pale face. 

Thought i lost you.  Purred a familiar male voice. Her heart began to
pound as a soft whimper slipped from between dry lips. " You know i 
don't like to hurt you   He whispered. but you don't give me any choice 
and now its time to pay. 

She wanted to give protest, to scream, cry or both but he was right. she
had made her own hell. A hell far worse than any she could have dreamed 
up on her own. His weight lifted from the bed as he left her to change 
the cd and snuff one of the many canals that had burned down too low. 
The Haunting sounds of type o Negative followed him as he returned to 
the bed, a darker shape against the flickering light that danced on the 
walls of her room. She could'nt help but shiver as his muscular, 
leather clad legs caressed the bare skin of her torso. There was blood 
on his chest, his or her own she did not know. Perhaps did not want to 

What's the matter love.  He purred, Running long black nails down her
neck and over one pale shoulder.  don't you love me anymore? His Hips 
slid forward drawing a soft moan from her paper dry throat. a 
heartbreakingly cruel smile lifted the corners of his perfect lips as 
he tenderly kissed her forhead. we could have been so good together   
He purred, leaning down to tickle her face and neck with the long 
strands of his soft hair. why are you doing this?  she croaked, as his 
soft warm lips brushed the corner of her mouth. Pausing her gave her an 
almost childish look of confusion. Because i love you.  His strong 
hands stilled on her bare throat as he kissed her deeply. The taste of 
blood was sharp and strong as his teeth sank into the skin of her 
bottom lip, the grip of his hands cutting off any more words. 

The flair of a single match lit the darkness as the last eerie notes of
love you to death died away, leaving only the sound of the ticking 
clock and the creak of  the rope. Exhaling sweet smoke he moved to the 
open window, careful not to touch the sill. The glint of something 
shiny caught his eye and he bent to pick it up.  Grinning he scooped up 
the silver cross necklace, palming it. " Forever my love"  He 
whispered, Melting into the darkness like a shadowy wraith. leaving 
behind the scent of musk and the fading echo of his laughter.


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