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Dark Obsessions (Chapter 1 ) (standard:horror, 2924 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: Jo PerkinsUpdated: Mar 24 2002Views/Reads: 2151/1310Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A wity horror/love/comedy story...all comments and feedback wanted and apreciated.

Squaring her shoulder Jade stepped from the safety of the car and stared
up at the brightly lit windows of the mansion before her. a grim smile 
tugged at the corners of her Mouth as she walked up the stone steps to 
the oaken doors. Not for the first time she wondered if attending this 
party was a bad idea. They're where hundreds of more appropriate places 
to do an interview, why had she let them talk her into going to a major 
bash. She mentally reminded herself to give Billy a swift kick the next 
time she saw him. self-consciously   she tugged at her skirt and ran 
one  fine boned hand through her shoulder length blond locks. Scolding 
herself for being so silly she slid her bag over one shoulder and 
pulled open the door with a trembling hand. 

This was certainly not the first or the last major party she would
attend. In fact if she wanted to marry Phil she would have to get used 
to the party scene. Stepping into the main foyer she wondered if maybe 
it was the actual meeting of Kelly cooper that was giving her 
butterflies or the fact that money seemed to ooze out of the walls, 
Which in it self was crazy. She hated going to these kinds of things 
but her job required her to do a lot of socializing and tonight was no 

If they had wanted to meet her on top of the empire state building she
would have gone. When she was forced to attend a social function she 
usually brought a friend but tonight she was staging it. Not by choice 
of course, but when your boyfriend was an up and coming rock god you 
had to do some things, ok you had to do a lot of things alone. 

Steeling herself she smiled and pushed her way through the door, Making
her way to the guest table. She had worked too hard to get this 
interview to blow it now. Signing in she sighed and turned around, 
ready to take on whatever might be tossed at her over the course of the 
night. You're late. Growled Billy with a boyish grin he appeared behind 
her in the hallway. Am I going to turn into a pumpkin? she asked as he 
took her arm, Leading her down the hall. Do you know how long I have 
waited? Feeling guilty she gave him a weak smile and a slight shrug.  I 
am so sorry I was late but you know how hellish traffic can get. 
Chuckling he raked the hair out of his eyes and flashed her another 
grin. I don't suppose you happened to look at the clock before you 
called Phil now did you? Blushing she gave him a small pout. Guilty as 
charged your honor. Do you have any idea how long I have been dodging 
Kate? For over two hours I have been hiding in the kitchen thanks to 
you and your damn Romeo and Juliet crap. She keeps whining about 
meeting Blaze and Kelly. Have you tried bug spray?  She asked, giggling 
as she Tried to ease his tension. Damn it Jade she's driving me crazy. 
Why did I ever let you talk me into a blind date with her, The chicks a 
psycho hose beast. 

Rolling her eyes she let Billy slip his arm around her waist and lead
her towards the ballroom. You didn't't have to go out with her and as I 
recall I warned you. Her words where lost  by the noise of the crowd as 
they stepped into the ballroom. Her breath caught in her throat as she 
looked out into the sea of color. She could barely contain her 
excitement. The room was huge and packed with all manners of dress and 
people. When the men of DarkWinds threw a party they spared no expense. 
Giddy with excitement she scanned the room in hopes of seeing a few 
famous faces. Gabbing Billy's arm she moved to pull him into the crowd 
when Kate came rushing over, latching herself to Billy's other arm. 
With a fake smile she glared openly at Jade. 

There you are She purred up at the boy.  I have been looking all over
for you. Cooing in his ear she leaned heavily against him, her head on 
his shoulder. Their playing our song and i want to dance. With a tight 
smile Jade nodded to the other woman.  Hello Kate. 

Narrowing her eyes at the blond Kate tosses her an icy smile and gently
tugged on Billy's arm to let him know she was ready to leave. Hello 
Jade. she said with mock sweetness, How's the book coming? It's going 
good. How's the kids? Fine. And Scott? He's good. Nodding she tossed 
Kate a wicked smirk.  Good to hear it. I will have to tell Phil that I 
ran into you. He's in California right now working on the album but ill 
make sure and say hello for you 

She hated rubbing her ex into Kate's face like that but sometimes you
had be a bitch to survive. Sighing she watched as Kate drug Billy out 
onto the dance floor. With a shake of her head she made her way Further 

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