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Like moths to a flame (standard:horror, 1068 words)
Author: Jo PerkinsAdded: Mar 13 2002Views/Reads: 2149/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
You might think twice about letting crashers into your next party.

The moon rose full and bright in the late october sky, lending an eerie
glow to the halloween landscape as kids of all ages raced from house to 
house,  the flickering grins of jack o lanterns lighting  the way.   
Happy screams and laughter drifted on the warm october air as a dark 
red van cruised  down  seemingly  endless  shadowy streets.  with a 
squeal of tires it finally came to rest in front of a  brightly lit 
house on the corner. Several Car's lined  the drive as music and people 
came in spurts from the brown front door. 

Four lithe, black clad shapes tumbled from the vans dark interior to
line up in front of the well lit house. they looked like any tight knit 
group of friends out for a night of fun and mischief on halloween. Only 
the murderous glint in their eyes gave any hint of their true intent. 
With a cruel smile their leader crooked his black nailed finger, moving 
them as one  towards the front door. 

Bitter tears of  betrayal streaked amy's pale face as music and laughter
drifted through the open door of the dark kitchen. It as the perfect 
night to have a party yet something seemed to be missing and she had 
found herself alone in the kitchen, nursing her broken heart with a 
bottle of jack. No one came to check on her which felt almost as bad as 
the ache deep within her heart. The least someone could have done was 
ask her to dance. From her place near the food laden table she could 
see  both the brightly lit living room and the huge orange moon that 
hung low and bloated over the dark treetops. It was a lovers moon but 
there would be no lovers for her. Wetting her lips on the bottle of 
jack she watched helplessly as a glimpse of brightly colored fabric and 
a smear of dark lipstick on a pale round face appeared in the open 
doorway.  They didn't even realize she was there or didn't care. Hot 
raging anger rose up in her tight chest as she watched them fall 
heavily against the wall, groping and kissing like two long lost 
lovers. Fresh tears tracked down her wet cheeks, staining the fabric of 
her costume. 

She hated them at that moment. Hated herself even more for caring so
much but love was a blind needing animal that left you crushed and 
bleeding in its wake. Not for the first time that night her tortured 
thoughts turned to the razor she kept hidden in the back of her  
dresser. How easy it would be to just get drunk, take a few pills and 
slit your wrists. Who would care besides a few scattered friends and 

The strike of a match brought her out of her thoughts, Pulling her back
into the now as she caught sight of a shadowy face half hidden by a 
sheaf of inky hair. Her breath caught in her throat as a pair of 
glittering green eyes fixed on her tear stained face. You don't want to 
go in there. He said, laughing softly as she turned her head towards 
the safety of light and noise just beyond the tiny kitchen. It's not 
going to be pretty. 

She was off the stool and halfway across the room before his soft voice
stopped her dead in her tracks. Do you really want to watch your 
friends slaughtered? He was behind her now, strong hands caressing her 
hair and nape of her neck. Something in the way he spoke kept her in 
place but the questions that raced though her head would not be so 
easily swayed. Who are you? She whispered. 

Your dreams. He Awnsered back as silken lips brushed her ear,sending
tiny shivers skittering down her back. Heat rising up in her groin at 
the feel of those lips. Your pain and their ignorance brought me to 
you. Your need was like a beacon, calling me. His strong cool fingers 
pushed the tangled mass of her hair away, drawing a soft mummer of 
pleasure from her now parted lips.  His black clad arm slid around her 
tiny waist, pulling her hard against him.   His silken lips danced over 
the sensitive skin of her bare throat As the first pain driven screams 
rose up, muffled only by the pounding strains of  Closer. It has begun 
he purred as his cool fingers stroked bare skin. Do you still want to 
join them? 

A dark splatter of blood hit the brightly painted wall of the living
room. A costumed body falling heavily into the threshold of the dark 
kitchen. Her shocked blue eyes could not seem to tear away from that 
pale round face or the blood that seeped to melt into the carpeting. 
Let me taste you.  He whispered. His voice husky with longing and need. 
Helpless to do otherwise she leaned back, melting into his embrace, 
heart shaped face tilting up to seek out those soft silken lips.  She 
wanted to drown in the pools of his bright green gaze. Her body ached 
with a fresh longing. A longing to feel the sweet caress of  his cool 
hands against her the curves of her heated body. 

The softest of sighs escaped his perfect lips as he gazed down at the
pale still form on the bed in front of him. This was the part he hated 
most. The leaving. It tugged at his soul and left him sleepless for 
nights to come. Behind him the first flickers of light began to dance 
on the shadowy wall. Why do you always morn an empty vessel? A black 
nailed hand closed gently over his shoulder as the press of 
bloodstained lips met his smooth cheek. Turned away before he could 
speak the boy wiped at his tear streaked face,Taking comfort from the 
strong embrace of his companion. Did she not find some comfort in your 
arms? Warm lips kissed away the tears,Letting him know that perhaps 
someday it wouldn't be like this. Come,we have miles to go. 

Sated and ready for new adventures the foursome stumbled out of the now
burning house, staggering over the lawn to the van. with arms around 
shoulders and sharp toothed smiles they got back in to the van. Life 
for them was good. Another broken heart awaited and another party 
beckoned, drawing them ever onward.


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