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Somewhere (standard:fantasy, 394 words)
Author: Chris MichlewiczAdded: Mar 22 2002Views/Reads: 1945/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A vivid description of a great dream


There is a canyon that no one has ever seen.  It looms somewhere in the
middle of a thickly wooded area.  It's waters run the width of the 
crevasse floor, leaving no room for anything to rest upon.  The smooth 
river runs slower than any other, babbling its way to even more unknown 
places.  Large colorful birds with bodies the size of large men soar 
above this remote yet serene place.  They swoop over the jagged cliff 
edges, some of which are covered in a unusually light green peat moss, 
just to dive at incredible, mind-bending speeds to the open space 
below, eventually spreading it's immense wings and altering it's 
downward course.  Occasionally they come to rest on the jutted 
outcroppings of the rocks that have likely been slowly morphing to 
their present shape since the beginning of time.  The winged creatures 
preen themselves, rummaging through the thick covering of feathers with 
their oversized beaks.  When they get bored of this, they will call out 
to other members of their species, hoping for a squawking response 
toward which they will fly next. 

The sunsets here glow a fiery orange and red, turning the rocks of the
canyon wall into a blazing work of art.  The billowy clouds often roll 
along with no hint of an impending storm; rain is very rare here but 
everything seems to thrive just as well.  The foliage is lush and 
excessive.  Extraordinary hybrids of flowers indigenous to nowhere else 
run rampant and wild.  The morning air is oddly calm but the afternoons 
yield a slight breeze that winds its way through the gaping chasm, 
finally coming to rest in a lonesome cove that marks an end to one of 
the rivers branches.  Other than the crane-like birds it is the only 
thing that moves down here unless you count the relaxed crystal clear 
waters, that, on nice days, serve as a canvas, reflecting the face of 
the rock wall that towers above it. 

The environment—no, the aura of this beautiful expansion of Heaven emits
a relaxing and kindly presence.  No worries about anything.  The air 
resonates with a pureness that only compares with the first full breath 
drawn in by a newborn.  The air of this ravine is that of life.  It is 
the definition of tranquility and serenity.  How I wish I could have 
this dream again. 


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