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Just Friends (standard:poetry, 233 words)
Author: David AnthonyAdded: Oct 10 2000Views/Reads: 3185/1627Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

Just Friends 

I see her across the room 

She is my destiny, my life 

Statuesque, perfection 

The one I want to be my wife 

She is the best there is, 

how I do love her so! 

More than life itself 

She'll never know 

For despite my honest intent 

My love is but one way 

I hold no interest for her 

My love, my actions did betray 

Just friends 

is all we can be 

I want so much more 

Can't she see? 

In my life I've had many dreams 

Most were foolish, some were true 

This fantasy is real 

This love sensation, new 

But I'm fooling myself 

She doesn't care about me 

She never did 

Now I can see 

I can't live without her 

But I'm gonna try 

It's all I can do every day 

Just to get by 

Just friends 

is all we are 

There's no love between us 

We'll never go that far 

I want to hate her 

but she's just too damn nice 

Innocent in a way 

All sugar and spice 

She says she's not ready 

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