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Specter (standard:horror, 916 words)
Author: Chris MichlewiczAdded: Apr 02 2002Views/Reads: 2478/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A creepy ghost story that even scared me a little as i was writing it....e-mail me some feedback, please

I knew something wasn't right as soon as I reached to turn off the
light.  I just had a feeling, a feeling that I wasn't alone in the 
room.  The darkness made me more aware, made it more obvious.  It's 
just one of those feelings you get.  Like a blind man, whether he 
smells or hears someone, can tell that someone is there.  It's like a 
human intuition, an innate sense. 

I crawled into bed and pulled the covers over my body, naked except for
a pair of boxer shorts.  I tried to fall asleep but the overwhelming 
creepy feeling kept me wide-awake.  I lay there on my side with my eyes 
shut tight, feeling whatever it was watching me from across the room.  
My friend had warned me that this cabin perched on the shore of Dorman 
Lake was haunted, but I blew him off thinking he was just trying to 
scare me. 

It slowly moved closer to the bed.  Not stepping, just sort of gliding,
floating inches from the floor. The air around me grew cold and damp 
and I shuddered.  I could feel the specter standing above me now at the 
side of my bed, just looking down.  I pretended that I was asleep, but 
felt that it knew better. 

It's presence gripped by body with fear, my heart seemed to seize.  It
leaned down closer, like it was trying to smell me.  A cool breeze 
caught my ear and wisped past, almost like a breath.  I clutched the 
blankets with my hand, holding it close to my shoulder.  My eyes 
remained shut.  I had never been so scared in my entire life. 

It moved to the foot of my bed, studying me.  It was waiting for me to
make a move.  Run out of the room, open my eyes, something.  Suddenly, 
I felt it over me.  It enveloped my body, making goose bumps rise up 
out of my flesh like a million tiny ant hills.  The hair on the back of 
my neck stood up.  I was not only frightened but cold, very cold. 

A slight tug at the blanket I held in my hand made my heart jump, almost
leap out of my chest.  It was pulling the covers from my body.  I let 
go lightly to keep my sleeping charade going.  The covers gradually 
slipped over my bare skin, running down my right arm.  A tear somehow 
slipped between my eyelids and rolled off the bridge of my nose onto 
the soft pillowcase. 

It is such a weird and threatening feeling having your blankets pulled
from you by something that was not even there.  Not something from the 
world as I knew it anyway.  Whatever it was, it was now controlling 
things.  Running the show and there was nothing I could do about it but 
lay there and let the thing do what it had to.  Complete its unfinished 
business.  Torture me from its permanent place in limbo.  Or take my 
soul to replace the one it had lost. 

The last part of the blanket ran over my feet.  A chill ran up my spine
when I felt and heard the blankets fall to the carpet in a heap.  I 
wished it away with all of my strength, but the spirit remained.  It 
now had me in a vulnerable state, completely exposed to the quiet room 
with wood paneled walls and no windows. 

Again the whisper of air brushed against my ear, making my skin crawl. 
The ineffable stench of death washed over my nose and filled my senses, 
partially clouding them from the unpleasant touches. 

It did want me.  It was sizing me up, seeing if I was fit for something.
 But what?  Was it invading my body for it's own personal pleasure?  Or 
merely feeding off the fear that I was no doubt radiating from every 
possible inch of uncovered skin? 

A clammy hand grabbed my shoulder and squeezed gently.  My left eye
opened just enough to see my arm being pressed by the ghost, 
indentations where fingers would be.   I whimpered and began to shake 
as the hand caressed its way down my arm to the tips of my fingers.  
Another tear dropped from my eye and landed on the pillow, making a 
solid thump against the cotton.  It was touching me and I was simply 
allowing it.  I felt frozen there, helpless to alter the situation in 
any way. 

Five chilling words entered my mind as clear and crisp as the spring air
I so readily inhaled throughout the day of fishing I had spent by 

Do you want to die? 

I honestly don't remember the next five minutes or so very well; they
were somewhat hazy.  I was not in my own body though.  It seemed as 
though I were lost in a dream where I wasn't quite sure where I was.  A 
confusing concoction of thoughts overpowered my mind.  I had the 
ability to walk through walls, see things that I had never seen before. 
 Or maybe they were things I had seen, just from a different 
perspective.  A viewpoint from a world unseen by the living. 

I am thoroughly convinced to this day that the spirit took over my body
just to see, if only for just a few waking moments, what it was like to 
be alive again.  In return, it gave me a glimpse of it's own world, 
bleak and unending.  I haven't visited the cabin on Dorman Lake since. 


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