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The House That Tom Built (standard:other, 450 words)
Author: MarshaAdded: Apr 08 2002Views/Reads: 2114/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Firm Foundation is the most important part of building.

Spring is the time for starting gardens and remodeling projects.  I
expect that soon I will see my neighbors working in their yards and on 
their houses.  My niece is very excited about the new house she and her 
husband are building! She emails weekly progress pictures so I can see 
how the building is coming. 

Building a house is a huge undertaking that requires unique abilities. 
My husband spent three years building our house.  He's a qualified 
architect and builder, so I trust the house he built. For my life, 
though, I have God as my architect. Since He is the creator of life, I 
trust the rules for living that He sets forth in the Bible. 

The first and most important step in building a house is setting the
foundation.  If a builder rushes through this, taking shortcuts and 
doing a poor job, it's pointless to complete the building because it 
would only fall down eventually. 

Building our lives upon a firm foundation is also essential.  If the
foundation's no good, the rest of your life crumbles around you.  Build 
your life on the foundation of God's Word with Jesus as the chief 
cornerstone to uphold you.  The "Rock of Ages" is the only one that can 
stand the test of time and the storms of life. 

Jesus said in Matthew 7:21 that "Only he who DOES the will of God will
live forever."  Believing in Him isn't enough.  He went on to say the 
following:  "Not everyone who calls me "Lord" will enter heaven, but 
ONLY he who DOES the will of my Father. many will say to me "Lord, did 
we not prophesy in your name and perform miracles?"  I will tell them 
plainly, "I never knew you." 

In James, chapter 2, we are told that "A person is justified by what he
DOES and not by faith alone."  God's word is the ultimate authority, 
not a suggestion.  God wants to rule our hearts. 

Back to Matthew chapter 7.  Jesus went on to compare our lives to a
house built on either a firm or an insecure foundation:  "Everyone who 
hears my words and PUTS THEM INTO PRACTICE is like a wise man who 
builds his house upon rock . . . but everyone who hears my words and 
DOES NOT PUT THEM INTO PRACTICE is like a foolish man who builds his 
house on sand.  When the rain comes, the streams rise, the winds blow 
and beat against the house, and it will fall with a great crash." 

Your life is the most important "building project" you'll ever
undertake.  I hope you will ask God to be both your designing architect 
and your firm foundation. 


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