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The Demon (standard:fantasy, 784 words)
Author: UnsunAdded: Oct 11 2000Views/Reads: 2895/5Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A true evil, brought to being by the magic of this world, faces a youthful warrior.

" Death which is the absence of life. Cold which is the absence of heat.
Darkness which is the absence of life. Silence which is the absence of 
sound. These things are have power here given form by the currents of 
magic that course through this world. They are the forces that sustain 
me. I cannot in any shape way or form, use light or life I cannot heal 
for example. Any act of healing would be my undoing if I were to 
perform it. If performed by another it must be a healing equal in power 
to the force which sustains me." rattled the unvoice. A photo negative 
of speech. The elegant demon before him was truly a creature of 
nightmares. Human in general form, and anything but in details. Cloaked 
in smooth flowing patterns of woven silver, gold and black.The tunic 
and loose fitting breeches, were a war of light and dark. The calm 
auric light of the gold and the cool light of the silver burned against 
the un-light of the black cloth. The deep swirling black un-cloth that 
sucked at the existence surrounding it. From his feet, clad in boots of 
the same un-cloth, up through his cloak and tunic he was a portrait of 
the battle between light and dark, a grim one at that. The only 
distraction from the elegant battle between the un-cloth and the fine 
spun silver and gold cloth was the sword that hung from his heavily 
worked belt. The belt itself was a fine interbraiding of the three 
substances but the real interest lay in the sword. A thin splinter of a 
blade that looked more appropriate sewing clothes than dispatching 
enemies. But the sheath that contained it, looked enough for a kings 
ransom. Decked in black pearls, obsidian, gold, silver, amber and 
diamonds. All flowing into a graceful turbinate pattern of archaic 
runes. The sword seemed to glow with a fire that illuminated nothing 
beyond i's own surface, and cast no shadows. The fire generated no heat 
but he felt his vision frost over and sear from looking directly at it. 
"Unfire" rattled the absence of sound again drawing his attention back 
to the demons angular features. He appeared human, exempting the cold 
lifeless palor, silver eyes, and shock of long white hair held back in 
an iron ring. " I have no power over true fire. Now come on, you did 
not traverse my realm to listen to me. You seek to put an end to the 
demon who haunts these lands. Come on then you know my weaknesses and 
strengths. I'll forewarn you however that this is MY land, I've 
deprived it of light. Nurtured the soil with the blood of millions. I 
have had a millenia to cultivate my realm. It obeys my whims, every 
spell I cast draws upon a resevoir of Un-being so large you cannot 
begin to comprehend it." The young heroe, stood struggling to keep from 
trembling at the intense cold the demon radiated. He hefted his blade 
and took comfort in it's familiar weight. He had been glad to hear his 
thoughts confirmed the creature could not withstand true fire. He 
tensed his body brought the blade up between them. He had forged this 
blade long ago, made from talon of rock, and bone of phoenix. It's 
potential for destruction was great, it had wreaked havoc on the living 
he only hoped it would be as equally effective against the undead. And 
with that he reached deep down into the inherent energy of the blade 
and brought it forth. Transforming himself into a literal whirl wind of 
blade and fire. Spinning faster and faster, the flames growing fiercer 
all the time. The demon stood casually observing. The demon raised his 
hands facing his palms towards the young warrior. The whirlwind surged 
forward, causeing the demon to leap to the side, but he landed 
unpurturbed. And now a harsh azure flame coiled about his palms. it 
seemed to grow in intesnity as the seconds ticked by. He couldn't move 
it's dance sucked at the heat of his flames, and hungered for his life 
but still he could not bring himself to act. A Chill fiery azure unsun 
burned in his hands, a quick brilliant flash of un-light and the harsh 
smell of ozone. The true fire and unfire met in a swirling whirl wind 
of energies, the unfire sapping the heat of the fire and coiling about 
the warriors form, rending his soul from his flesh, it's cold touch 
freezing an icy halo of water about him. A scream ripped itself from 
his lips, his soul torn asunder and devoured by the flame. Unlife 
consumed life.


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