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The true image of a mirror is emptyness (standard:romance, 207 words)
Author: peteAdded: Apr 16 2002Views/Reads: 2131/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A deconstruction of my former true love. (hopefully) avoiding bitter cliches!

[*=- Don't fall in love with a mirror -=*] 

<>hypothesis<> You are nothing but the sum total of the desires of
everyone you come into contact with 

<>deduction<> Alone, it's identity crisis, you cannot mimic emptyness. 

<>evidence<> You can't let people see you change yourself to suit them
so you overcompensate - stubborn. 

Cannot be just one reflection, you grow restless, but you cannot relect
two images at once, so you play people. 

<>results<> You have trapped yourself, in trying to please everyone you
only get played yourself or hurt honest men. 

<>solution?<> You must change, or find an image so pleasing that you no
longer have to seek others. 

<>problem2<> You cannot meet new people as you are socially flat, empty,
how can i be liked by someone new- I don't know their desires. 

<>my problem<> I care about you, but you are fleeting and ephemerel, I
find you, then you slide away. 

Maybe I am trapped too, maybe one of us has to change, I try (so hard)
but i can't help falling in love with the reflection of myself. 

<>the situation<> Don't fall in love with a mirror for the true image of
a mirror is empty. 

mirror, why can't you become a painting? 


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