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Night of the Platyrhync (standard:fantasy, 1886 words)
Author: A.C.CAdded: Apr 22 2002Views/Reads: 1946/1146Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Grant conciders himself a normal man, but laytly he's been waking up to find himself far from home with no memory of how he got there, or how he made the journy without his clothes.

It was ten minutes past the scheduled time of  their appointment with
Dr. Stevenson, The Director of sleep research at the university.  The 
man was quite agitated, never sitting still for longer then thirty 
seconds.  The woman was also agitated, but she tried to hide it.  Over 
and over again she read and reread the same page of the waiting  room 
magazine.  Finally the receptionist called them in 

“Christy, Grant, I'm sorry about the delay.”  Said the Dr. Stevenson
shaking their hands and  gestured to a sofa set off from the wall.  
“Please have a seat.” 

As they sat on the couch,  Dr. Stevenson sat in a chair across from them
and opened a file.  “Now I understand that Grant here has been 

“Yes Doctor.”  Grant admitted uncomfortably. 

“Tell me about it.” 

Grant looked at Christina, then turned to the Doctor and faltered. 

“It's happened twice.”  Said Christina 

“And when was this?” 

“July 13 and August 18.” 

Dr. Stevenson gave a quiet ‘Hum' and wrote something down on her note
pad.  “Continue.” 

“Well . . .  the first time  I woke up at around 7:30.  I noticed Grant
wasn't in bed.  I got up and looked for him and couldn't find him 
anywhere in the house.  I looked out in the back yard and found his 
pyjamas in a heap on the patio.  I was worried so I went out in the 
back yard and saw Grant naked and asleep in the back corner of our 

“And the second time?” Dr. Stevenson noticed Grant stiffening when she
asked about the second incident, but still he said nothing. 

“This time the police called me at 8:00 by the phone.  They had found
Grant sleeping naked on the bank of a pond in the park.  They brought 
him to the hospital to treat for exposure.  They recommended Grant see 
a therapist, but we were going nowhere with him.  A friend of ours read 
an article about the work you do hear at the university and recommended 
that we come and speak with you.”   They sat silently while Dr. 
Stevenson wrote more notes on her pad. 

“Grant, how old are you?” 

“Uh, 32.”  Stuttered Grant. 

“And does you or anyone in your family have any history of

“Not that I know of.” 

“Have you been experiencing any additional stress or feeling fatigued
around the times of these incidents?” 

“No. In fact lately most of the stress I've been feeling is related to
my sleepwalking.” 

Dr. Stevenson  put her pen down and leaned toward them. 

“I know that this is a touchy subject but I need you to tell me the
truth.  Have you at anytime around these incidents used any drugs, 
either medicinal or recreational?” 

“A few beers, but nothing more then that.” 

Dr. Stevenson gave him a hard look for a moment then decided that he was
telling the truth 

“Most incidents of sleepwalking occur in children between the ages of

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