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Destroyer of Evil (standard:fantasy, 342 words)
Author: AMystySpiritof BassGuitarAdded: Apr 24 2002Views/Reads: 1790/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
horror and fantasy combined does have some fantasy elements just basically about good overcoming evil

Moonlight falls on a shadowed valley that hides something or someone
everyone is afriad of the mist rolls in to make the landscape seem more 

When everyone is asleep a low cry can be heard that makes your skin
crawl with total fear of what is living on the moors 

they say the creature loves to eat children when they are afraid they
taste so much better 

the people say tell me if any of you has ever seen the creature whose
eyes are filled with the souls of others 

Malachi calls out and says i've seen him and can show you where he is we
all follow unwillingly but we must continue on to face the demon who is 

We all arrive at the lair of something truly evil he dies and comes back
every thirty yrs to feed on the souls of baptized children 

and from the souls he grows stronger and stronger till nothing will be
able to kill him except for the power of the amethyst 

only a virgin girl will be able to tame his wicked wiles and therefore
make him unaware to what is going to happen 

the incubus walks in with flaming red hair and piercing green eyes she
is the one with the power to behold his mighty hold 

who can stand up and say the powerful words to thwart what has been

she approaches the devil gazes into his eyes and pulls out the mighty
amethyst when she holds it the power encompasses her and gives her 
strength to do as she must 

she starts to sing the words are flowing out like a shimmer of crystals
off her tongue 

the song is an old to the death of all evil 

the words are creature from deep beyond crawl back into your fiery hell
where you will be consumed in the fiery furnance of the devil 

when he is dead he explodes into millions of crystals that slowly
shatter to reveal the children's souls as they float free 

the end 


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