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Forgotten Heroes Prologue (standard:drama, 1001 words)
Author: Lord RavenHeartAdded: Oct 14 2000Views/Reads: 2607/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An epic tale of love and betrayal, set during the Fourth World War, one of the largest and most violent wars the world has other witnessed.

By A.D. 2030 it seemed as though the peaceful future the great
humanitarians of the 20th Century had fought for was nothing more than 
a dream.  Once again, international tensions and political corruption 
had led to a violent confrontation between countries.  Yet, although 
the Third World War (c. 2019 - 2024) was a terrible struggle in itself, 
it was merely part of a chain of events that would trigger an even 
greater conflict; one that would forever alter not only the world but 
the human race. 

The first decade of the 21st Century passed by peacefully.  Technology
was still advancing rapidly, and it seemed as though the future was 
full of possibility.  Unfortunately, people were soon to realize just 
how right they were.  It all began when a power-hungry senator named 
Matthew Garrison ran for presidency in 2012.  He was elected to office, 
and immediately began implementing his plan.  With the help of his 
young secretary, David Laring, and General Trellix of the American 
Armed Forces, Garrison began manipulating tensions in Europe and the 
Middle-East.  By 2015 the Saudi-Arabian Civil War had split the country 
into two independent nations:  the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the 
Republic of Galdenia.  When Garrison ran for re-election in 2016, he 
chose Laring as his running mate.  In 2017 the duo returned to the Oval 
Office and plotted the downfall of the United Nations.  After a series 
of political manipulations and double-crosses, they initiated a chain 
reaction of violence between the UN and the aggressive Galdenia.  By 
2019 the UN had declared war on Galdenia.  Garrison dispatched troops 
to aid the UN in the conflict, promising the people the war would be 
over within a few months.  But 2020 rolled around and the war was 
escalating as more and more countries became involved.  In 2021 
Garrison gave himself dictatorial powers and began to attack his 
allies.  It soon became clear to American citizens that Garrison only 
cared for power, not the world's people, and certainly not the soldiers 
he was sending in to kill and die.  Protests erupted across the 
country, supported wholeheartedly by Vice-President Laring himself.  In 
2023 Garrison was forced to resign his office, and Laring became 
president.  Immediately he called for a peace settlement.  While the 
rest of the world's leaders were happy to oblige, Trellix refused to 
back down, attempting to destroy Galdenia and the former UN countries.  
However, in 2024, as Trellix was captured in Galdenia and tried for 
treason, the leaders reached a peace agreement.  After five long years, 
the war was finally over. 

The remainder of the 2020's were difficult times for the world,
especially America.  The actions of Garrison and Trellix had disgraced 
the nation, and the economy suffered.  People were clamoring for a 
change, and Laring was unable to help them.  He kept promising social 
reforms, but the people only grew more and more angry over the years.  
Several leading political figures were killed during the 20's as well, 
including Garrison and Trellix.  The people wouldn't learn until years 
later that Laring was responsible.  Finally, on July 4th, 2030, Laring 
stood before his nation and unveiled his reform plan...the American 

Within weeks after the establishment of the American Empire, Laring cut
off all communication with the rest of the world.  Both of the American 
continents were now in forced isolation.  No one could enter or leave.  
Although the rest of the world was suspicious of the secrecy at first, 
they were forced to ignore America as clouds of war gathered across 
Europe and Asia.  Galdenia, still smarting from its defeat in World War 
III, was mobilizing its army for another shot at conquest.  Japan's new 
prime minister sought the conquest of Asia, hoping to restore Japan's 
old imperial regime.  India, too, hoped to break free of its status as 
a poverty-stricken country and become a world power.  And Italy had its 
sights set on Western Europe and Africa.  And yet, no country wanted to 
act first.  None of them wanted to be the aggressors who violated the 
peace treaty and began another war.  But before the tensions could 
break on their own, Laring acted.  On July 10th, 2034, one million 
American troops invaded Russia.  Using the most advanced military 
technology ever seen, the fierce Americans descended on Europe like a 
swarm of locusts, leaving behind a trail of death and devastation.  
Even when Britain and France declared war on America on July 20th, 
Laring ignored them, ordering his troops to drive deeper and deeper 
into Russia.  When Russia was conquered in October, people hoped Laring 
was through.  But they soon learned it was only the beginning.  By the 
end of the year more than 15 Eastern European countries had been 
conquered.  In 2035, India, Japan, Galdenia, and Italy began their 
respective bids for world conquest.  The five countries joined forces, 
forming the International Imperial Council in 2037, after they finished 
conquering the entire world.  They had reduced their enemies to dust, 
leaving only destruction in their paths.  Rebellions cropped up 
worldwide, only to be put down immediately.  The world was indeed 
facing its darkest hour.  However, the world had not counted on the 
true extent of Laring's madness. 

April 18th, 2041, began just like any other day.  Until several hundred
American bombers descended on the Japanese naval base Fort Hansuzuki.  
The Americans obliterated the base, destroying most of the Japanese 
fleet.  When Japan declared war on America days later, American forces 
invaded Japan.  By the end of the year Laring had also defeated India, 
Galdenia, and Italy.  America now remained as dominant world power, 
occupying the entire planet.  But the rest of the world was not willing 
to give up.  In 2042 Laring's former allies began to secretly send aid 
to Britain, France, Russia, and other former Allied countries.  Secret 
war factories churned out weapons and artillery.  Thousands of people 
enlisted.  Soon the Allies began to fight back against the oppressive 
American Empire, and its fanatical leader, David Laring.  This is where 
our story begins... 


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