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Zelknolf's Essays on Society Part 1 (standard:other, 899 words)
Author: ZellAdded: Apr 27 2002Views/Reads: 2040/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I imagine that this will take at least a few different sittings to properly write, but with Thunder God putting his stuff up, I think having a less angry view on it all would be quite refreshing.

Well, I'm sure that the lot of you have at least heard of the rantings
of Thunder God, who happens to be my dear, elder brother. After finally 
sitting down and taking the time to read all of his writings, I've 
decided that a proper essay on another anti- democratic view would be 

I suppose I should begin with what I see as the source of all evil, and
that's greed. Many times I've been the shoulder to cry on, literally 
and figuratively, so the problems that I speak of are not all my own, 
but all of those that I've heard of. Of the things that I've heard 
people horribly traumatized by, I've noticed that people are most hurt 
by the actions of others. This proves one very important thing: humans 
are social; we need each other to survive. This also shows that an 
entire removal from society or isolation is certainly not the answer. 

My own theories on what can be done about our society today are quite
simple. The masses are fueled by greed, and they have to be. If they 
weren't, then our entire economy would fail. I point to the oldest 
quote that I quote, said by a man that all respect as wise: Plato. He 
said "A life not lived for others is a life not worth living." Let that 
sink in for a bit and think about that. What do you live for? What 
makes you get out of bed every morning and keep going? 

I've asked those questions of all who I have offered my advice to. More
often than not, I get an answer of "I don't know" or "What else am I to 
do" and occasionally get accused of trying to get them to commit 
suicide. That disturbs me. When those same questions were asked of me, 
I responded that I lived for those I care for, I get up to see them 
smile; to hear their laughter. That's something that I'd like to see 
more of: people who live to make people happy. 

Think about what would happen to our society if people just started
doing that. Obviously, the first thing that would happen is our economy 
would collapse; because people would be seeking the simple, intangible 
kind of happiness that is rarely found in material goods. I imagine 
that the only businesses that would do well would be restaurants, but 
that's because I'm a huge fan of food, and many of my fondest memories 
came from a meal I shared with someone. Well, back on the train of 
thought that I had stared with this paragraph: Without an economy, our 
government would collapse, and without a government and masses of 
people with good intentions, we'd end up in a fine society. 

I've read up a bit on communism, and how it's supposed to work, probably
not enough to make any statements for or against it, especially because 
the concept of it is great, but from what I understand there would have 
to be an incredibly powerful government in the transition between 
capitalist and communist societies. That irks me. The concept of having 
any one entity that controls, instead of coexisting, is simply not a 
good idea. We've all heard that "Power corrupts; absolute power 
corrupts absolutely". True said phrase was coined to counter the 
archaic concept of a monarchy, but it holds in many senses. Think about 
how Russia and China turned out. You notice that the both of those 
countries had/ have powerful governments, and everyone suffered. 

I'm certain that my idealistic rambling has bored at least a couple of
people to tears, and I thank you for continuing to read this. I'm 
getting to the whole point of this all. I think we can all be happy, 
and it can happen in our lifetimes. Look to the future generations and 
think about the possibilities. Children learn from their friends and 
their parents. If you are kind to those you meet, being generous and 
helpful to those in need, then those who see that will be affected. The 
young ones who grow up learning to empathize with others and gain 
happiness from doing kind things for others will influence their peers. 
If people just started doing this, your grandchildren could be forging 
a society free of capitalism and poverty, one that doesn't oppress the 
nations around it, or offer a facade of aid to appease those who 
attempt to keep track of its actions, pulling said aid away once the 
mass' attention span is spent. I can't insist that you change, but I 
hope my words carry some weight with you, and the next time you see 
someone struggling, that you offer a helping hand. 

Another thing: If any of you are disgusted by things I've said, or my
words strike true, or you just don't care, send me something. I've 
always been interesting in what everyone else is thinking/ feeling. I'm 
probably going to wade through the masses of stories in the "others" 
section to see if anyone else wrote similar things. If you've written 
or read something a whole lot like this, send me a link. (Once again, 
my innate curiosity for what's on everyone else's mind)Anyhow, I'm 
starting to ramble, and I'd rather wait until another day to write 
anything else on the decay of morals that's been plaguing our world 


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