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Morpheus hauls steel on the A14. (standard:other, 4681 words)
Author: red1holsAdded: May 03 2002Views/Reads: 2412/1570Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Isn't it just a pain when dreams run together so that you lose touch with reality?

Morpheus hauls steel on the A14. 

Steve sat upright in the bed. The dream had woken him so fast that the
duvet was thrown clear of his body. It took a few seconds for him to 
take in his surroundings; the familiar heavy curtains let in just 
enough light to allow him to make out the wardrobe, the TV, the 
comforting assorted bits & pieces on the dressing table and the chair 
on which he informally hung his clothes. 

He turned to the left to look at his still sleeping wife, only she
wasn't there. The quivering inside returned along with the panic of the 
dream. He turned to check the display of the alarm clock, but that was 

Lying back onto the bed, he strained his ears to try to catch a sound of
his wife moving around downstairs, but all was quiet. The street was 
quiet too; even the normally quarrelsome starlings were able to sleep. 
He toyed with he idea of turning over and trying to sleep, but decided 
against it in fear of the horrific dream returning. 

Memories of the dream came back into his head. He had been travelling
back from work in the car, perfectly normally, just like hundreds of 
times before. Traffic on the dual carriageway was light so he had been 
making good time. Then, as he started to overtake a line of lorries, 
one pulled out itself, sideswiping his car into the central crash 
barrier. The car squealed as metal came into contact with metal and 
then bounced back onto the carriageway. Every thing happened so fast 
that he barely moved his right foot. It was only as the edge of the 
lorry's trailer came in through the windscreen that he woke up. The 
quivering inside returned. 

Steve sat up again and shook his head. He closed his eyes and took a
deep breath. As his eyes closed, visions of the trailer hurtling 
towards him returned. The dream had been so graphic that he could see 
the operators name "L. D. Steel Transport, Birmingham." in dirty cream 
paint. With returning to sleep not an option, he decided to seek out 
his wife. A gentle knock on the bedroom door froze his hand as it 
grasped the corner of the duvet. A few seconds of silence followed, 
then another, louder knock. The door slowly swung open. 

"Sorry to disturb you Steve. How are you feeling?" 

The voice belonged to an old man who reminded Steve of Albert Einstein
and his Grandfather in turns. It struck Steve that he should be annoyed 
about a stranger being in house and that he should challenge the 
intruder, instead, he decided that he should answer the question. 

"A little shaky, I had a nightmare. I can't remember having one as bad
since I was a child." 

The man came over and sat on the end of the bed. He consulted a
clipboard tucked under his arm. 

"Ahh, yes." He tapped a gold pen against his perfect white teeth. "Make
yourself comfortable, we need to have a little chat." 

Steve looked at the old man and then towards his clothes. He had slept
naked since he was 15, and being naked in front of strangers was his 
more common nightmare. 

"Look, I would like to get dressed." Steve paused "So, if you wouldn't

The man considered the request and checked the clipboard again. He took
a deep breath and shook his head. 

"It might be best if you stayed there for now. You see you have had a
life transition and there are some things that you need to be prepared 

He looked at Steve and waited for a response. When Steve just stared at
him blankly, he continued. 

"The nightmare you had, wasn't a nightmare. You were in a car accident
and it brought on a life transition." 

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