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Domination (standard:drama, 2280 words)
Author: Honor Alisha DeMandorenAdded: May 17 2002Views/Reads: 2204/1443Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Celeste (fifteen year old orphan) is forced to marry Alexander, a complete rake. But when he shows up after five years of desertion, she forces him to sign an anullment and disappears with her inheritance, changing her name so that he won't ever be able t

They were dead. Not two hours ago she had laughed with them over
breakfast and planned on what she would do during the next ball. Would 
she be able to dance this time? I will never see them again. Sitting at 
her balcony windows she hugged one of her bears to her tightly as she 
watched the rain slide down the panes. Tomorrow she would be fifteen. 
Papa had complained that he would have to marry her off soon because 
she was becoming an old spinster. She had laughed and protested that 
fifteen was not old. 

<In a few days, I will marry. Would you have wanted that Papa? I know
that you had planned for me to marry Alexander. Would you have married 
me off so soon?> 

Rocking back and forth she held her bear and watched the rain as it slid
down the panes. 

“What do you mean ‘marry’? The chit is barely fourteen.” 

Fantel took another firm grip on his temper, trying not to cosh his
twenty-four year old son. He had never struck the boy before, even when 
he had needed it. <Like now.> “Alex, I know that you don’t want this, 
but I made a promise to her father years ago that the two of you would 
marry. Besides that, she is actually fifteen and will be a ravishing 
beauty in two years. All that I ask is that you marry her now and give 
her the chance to become a good wife to you.” 

“All? I’m not even twenty-five! I have another three years before you
can leg-shackle me to anyone. You gave me your word on that!” 

“The situation has changed.” Fantel said impatiently for the fourth
time. “She is alone now, orphaned. You would be able to care for her.” 

“Oh? And what do I gain from this marvelous wedding? Some scrawny-faced
brat that will cry over the smallest thing?” 

“That is enough! I am your father, and you will obey me or as God is my
witness I will thrash you within an inch of your life.” 

“You?” A sneer of contempt twisted the young man’s face. “You’ve never
hit me.” 

“Perhaps I should have. You’ve been spoiled dreadfully Alex. Any decent
man would—” 

“Decent? Now I know that you’ve gone loonies. I’m a scoundrel, remember
father? Not to mention a libertine, a rake, a blackguard, a drunkard. 
I’m even a gambler. Do you want to know how much of my inheritance I’ve 
lost today?” 

Lord Fantel, Viscount of Pemberly, lost all patience with his son.
Grabbing both lapels in his hands he raised the slighter form of his 
son until he dangled a foot off the ground and shook him. “If you don’t 
marry her, and treat her well, then I will stop redeeming all of your 
debts. That includes the ones to your mistresses. Do you understand?” 

The bloodshot blue eyes—his mother’s eyes—widened in panic. “Now wait a

“Do you understand?” 

There was no hope for it. Alex swallowed the rest of his arguments and
choked out “Yes.” 

“Good.” Resisting the urge to throw his son against the room he lowered
him to the floor. “Now go get cleaned up. She’ll be here for the 
ceremony in four hours. Even you should be able to look presentable in 
that amount of time.” 

Celeste tugged nervously on her gloves, adjusting the fit over each
finger carefully before starting the procedure all over again. It was 
the only aspect of her appearance that she could fidget with. She was 
wearing a demure gown of blue silk, and while silk was very beautiful 
and soft it also wrinkled quite easily. Her abigail had given her firm 
orders to touch the gown as little as possible. The same went with her 
hair that was—for once—done in ringlets that spilled over her shoulder. 

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