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Adam's Secret (standard:mystery, 4010 words)
Author: HulseyAdded: May 25 2002Views/Reads: 3108/1499Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Adam is an archaeologist working in Crete. A beautiful Greek girl captures his heart but are her intentions honourable? A complex tale of love and deception.

Knossos, once the home to a race of people believed to be the first
civilisation in Europe, lies on the north coast of Crete and 5 
kilometres inland. Knossos was once the centre of an important Bronze 
Age culture and was occupied long before 3000BC by the Minoans. It was 
excavated by Englishman Sir Arthur Evans in 1900 and has since been 
spectacularly restored, sometimes excessively. 

The palace of Minos occupies the summit of a small hill, overlooking a
fertile valley hidden from the sea. It attracts thousands of visitors a 
year, each flourishing in the aura of this once wondrous kingdom. 

One man touched by the grandeur and mysteriousness of this place had
made Knossos his mistress. To leave her would be a sacrilege. He stood 
tall and proud, meting out instructions. To the bare-chested 
archaeologist, Knossos was his life, his reason for living. 

Adam Tobias stood hands on hips, watching with eagerness, as his
workforce toiled in the baking sun to unearth the secrets that the dig 
must surely divulge. A series of trenches were sunk into the ground on 
the south side of the hill. It was here that Adam hoped to unravel 
another piece of the jigsaw to the enigmatic Minoan Empire. 

Adam Tobias, a handsome man with long blonde flowing locks and a
well-groomed beard could easily have been mistaken for someone 
belonging to another ancient tribe, the Vikings. His penetrating blue 
eyes had enticed many a fair maiden, and he often used his sexual charm 
to his advantage. 

He took a deep breath, inhaling the aroma only Crete could produce, the
sweet smelling cyclamen and the wild lupines, mingling with the 
numerous mountainous herbs. Adam looked out onto the ancient city, with 
its magnificent red pillars and white walls, and imagined what it must 
have been like to live in such an incredible era. 

The splendid spectacle took on a role of insignificance, as his eyes
were attracted to another creation of beauty. She approached, this 
black-eyed Goddess; her long raven hair fluttering in the breeze. Not a 
bead of perspiration blemished her perfect honey-toned features, 
although the temperature soared. Even in a tee shirt and cut-off jeans, 
this girl oozed feminism like he had never encountered before. 

She pushed her sunglasses to the top of her head and smiled, her
pristine white teeth complimenting her full but luscious moist lips. 
“Good afternoon,” she said in a distinct Greek accent. “I was wondering 
if you were looking for employees.” 

Adam wiped the glistening sweat from his face. “I wish I could offer you
work, but I've a full workforce; besides, this specific work I believe 
will not suit you.” 

She licked her lips and shielded her eyes from the sun. “Mr Tobias; I'm
experienced at this type of work. I've worked on several such digs in 

“How do you know my name?” 

“Everyone knows the great archaeologist, Adam Tobias.” 

“Have you any credentials you can show me?” 

She sighed. “I'm afraid not.” 

He stood and pondered, her seductive stare working its charm. “My pay
I'm afraid is meagre. Funds for this project are not what we hoped.” 

“The pay will be fine whatever it is,” she smiled. “The excavation of
this wondrous city will be payment enough.” 

Adam offered his hand. “Welcome to the team Miss...” 

“Calandria... Calandria Yankas.” 

“Where are you from, Calandria?” 

“I live in Athens, and as soon as I found out about your excavation

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