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The Loot (standard:fantasy, 3530 words)
Author: BeliasAdded: May 25 2002Views/Reads: 1883/1133Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An ex-military officer swears to rid the land of outlaws and thievery.

The Loot By: (Glenn Beuhring) 

The seasoned guards straightened as they heard the heavy footfalls
approach the cave.  They easily recognized the low baritone voice of 
their commander as he tread through the low underbrush of the remote 
forest.  The consequence of any lack of discipline would be severe. 

Like a great monster, Commander Romulus emerged from the line of oaks
that surrounded the well  hidden cave.  Under the guidance of this 
seasoned warrior, the city of Cyperien was finally able to find and 
capture the last of the gang of highwaymen that have been terrorizing 
their main trade routes. 

Commander Romulus towered over any of his men, standing at least 6'4"
high.  His large build and commanding voice made him a natural military 
leader at a very early age.  Now, since his retirement, he has traveled 
from city to city... kingdom to kingdom ridding them of the unlawful 
scum that he'd hated all of his life. 

He brushed his hand down his burly red beard as he entered the dimly lit
cave.  Though the place had been captured for over an hour, and was 
quite secure, the veteran soldier entered the cave with practiced 
caution.   The guards that stood at the entrance feared to even breath 
in his presence.  King Nimrod had given him full authority over the 
city guard and he'd been known to render unfavorable men unconscious 
with just a backhand. 

Lieutenant Kwen watched as his new commanding officer entered the cave. 
Up until three months ago, he had been in charge of the city guard... 
and doing a fine job.  He didn't need this old fossil... 

"Lieutenant Kwen...?!" 

"Yes, Commander Romulus" 

"How many captured?" 

"None, sir." 

"What do you mean...  None, sir?" 

"We killed seven of them sir." 

"I left express instructions to get me someone to question Lieutenant." 

"Yes sir.  It was dark... I guess we just got lucky," laughed the young

The blow was struck before the young man knew what had happened.  The
subordinate fell to the ground in a clump.  "Damn fool! Disobeying my 
orders is never lucky! he growled.  "I not only want to arrest the 
thugs of this operation but the bosses as well.  How am I to do that if 
I have no one to question?" 

"Uhmmm... I..." 

"You are an incompetent fool Kwen" 

"Yes sir, agreed the shamed  Lieutenant, getting to his feet.  His lip
bled, though he dare not wipe off the blood in the Commander's 
presence.  "We do still have the girl." 

For the first time, the Commander allowed the tiniest of smiles to
escape his chiseled face.  "Yes, that we do.  The daughter of the 
leader of one of the most prominent thief's guild in Cyperien will be 
invaluable.  What secrets she knows, she will reveal...I promise." 

"Will you be needing assistance in her questioning sir?" 

The implied insult drew forth the usual angry grimace of his new
commander.  "You may think that an old war-horse like me isn't clever 
enough to 'get' your jibes Lieutenant, but I assure you that I do... 
and when my job here is done I shall teach you a lesson in respect. 

"Sir!"  called a voice from deeper within.  "We have found the loot." 

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