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The Suggestion (standard:mystery, 6470 words)
Author: HulseyAdded: May 25 2002Views/Reads: 3469/2019Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A couple on a holiday of the lifetime in Hawaii meet a young American couple who take more than a passing interest in them. A tale of loyalty and deceit. (This story contains sexual scenes.)

As if in a dream, my eyes perused the unfamiliar decor of the apricot
room. I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes, the reality slapping me, a 
gentle gratifying slap, and my body tingling with pleasure. We had 
finally done it. Hawaii! We had arrived in paradise. I peered across at 
the mass of black hair protruding from beneath the white satin sheets. 
Sonia could sleep for England, but on this occasion, jet lag was the 

I tiptoed barefoot to the impressive balcony and looked out onto the
stunning golden sands of Waikiki beach, and the unparalleled view of 
the white-crested waves. The balcony floor was bathed in glorious 
sunshine, and I hopped from one foot to the other, to evade the burning 
concrete. The beach was well populated, the bronzed bodies running with 
their surfboards to meet the oncoming tide. And of course, there were 
the bathing beauties. To my left, I marvelled at the ominous presence 
of Diamond Head volcano, which overlooked this marvellous island of 

We had done it. We had finally taken our dream holiday.  I had been
promising Sonia for long enough, about taking her away from the usual 
annual trips to Benidorm and Majorca. To be in Hawaii for our fifteenth 
wedding anniversary, now that is spectacular. Granted, over the years, 
we have been a bit too ultra cautious with our life savings, but as the 
saying goes; you cannot take it with you. The cost of the holiday, I 
tried to eliminate from my thoughts, after all, Sonia was worth it. I 
had decided to push the boat out and go for the five-star Sheraton 
Hotel. It would take almost three months of my well-earned salary to 
pay for this luxury. Three months of programming computers. 

Sonia stirred when I kissed her forehead. Her half -closed, big, brown
eyes scanned the room, and a radiant smile spread across her features 
when she sat up, the gap between her teeth evident. 

"Doug, what's the time?" 

"Two-fifteen would you believe it? The bloody jet lags stolen half a day
off us." 

"Tell me I'm not dreaming. We're in Hawaii, right?" 

I picked her up and carried her to the balcony. "See that, Sonia. Not
your poxy Levante beach, but Waikiki beach." 

The loud pop music coming from the beach drowned out the noise of the

Sonia pointed. "Doug, would you just look at those palm trees? Frigging
palm trees, outside our hotel." 

A loud knock on our door interrupted our fantasy. I put on my dressing
gown and was greeted by an attractive, tanned woman, complete in hula 
skirt, and carrying a tray, laden with drinks. 

"Aloha, and welcome to Hawaii," she said in a slow American drawl. "I
wasn't sure if you'd be up or not, but I guess you are. I hope you had 
a nice flight. She placed a garland of flowers over each of our heads. 
"I'm sorry I couldn't meet you at the airport... I'm Sandy, your rep... 
Anything, and I mean anything you need, you just get in touch with 
me... Now come on drink up." 

"What are they?" asked Sonia, eyeing the pineapple coloured drinks

"Mai tais. They're gorgeous. Go on, have a taste." 

Sonia sipped the cocktail through a straw and her eyes lit up. "Bloody
marvellous. Mai Tai, eh? Remember that name, honey; I think I've found 
a new friend." 

Sandy gave the thumbs up. "I knew you'd love them. I too am partial to
the odd one, or two, or three." She giggled, tossing back her dark, 
frizzy locks. "Now, here are some leaflets and handy information about 
the island. Some do's and don'ts, if you get my drift. I'm in the bar 
most evenings, where else?" she laughed. "I must be going. I have to 
check out some guests. I'll no doubt see you tonight. " 

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