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And The Clock Refuses to Change (standard:poetry, 124 words)
Author: PuckAdded: Oct 19 2000Views/Reads: 2575/3Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Work sucks!

Three beige walls, a desktop PC 

Monitor, keyboard atop a 

Dingy gray desk. 

Uncomfortable mauve chair that 

Freezes my spine into one position 

I can’t move, though I really want to. 

Tiny holes, like memories of 

Once important documents maybe 

A picture or cartoon I threw in to make it easier. 

An endless murmur 

Of bored vocal cords 

Like a mantra. 

Glancing at the clock constantly 

It never seems to change 

Four hours feel like ten. 

A yawn, a cough 

A quick sip of water between 

“Not home”, “Not Interested”, and “Wrong number.” 

Mind drifts off to the better 

Things I could be doing 

Sleeping, relaxing, reading 

But no, I’m here with 

The same walls, the same voices 

And the clock refuses to change. 


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