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The Station (standard:drama, 606 words)
Author: MaryGAdded: Jun 25 2002Views/Reads: 2463/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Two people suspended in the afterlife. One will stay and the other will take the final journey.

The Station 

The sound was screeching; glass shattering like a rock through a window.
 Then metal on metal. The impact could be heard from a distance.  Katie 
heard it for only a second, then woke up to darkness; standing in a 
misty fog.  She is wondering why she was standing in this dense forest. 
Where was she? 

She heard a train whistle and began walking toward the sound.  Through
the brush she saw several people standing at an old-fashion train 
station. An old train stood on its tracks, steam seeping through its 
sides. In the crowd, Katie saw Michael talking to the conductor.  She 
began to run to him. 

The station was crowded with people, young and old.  There were large
and small suitcases spread out like an obstacle course.  Katie yelled 
out to Michael, but he could not hear her.  The noise of the crowd and 
the engine from the train muffled her voice.  Tears swelled in Katie's 

"What's the matter, dear?" asked an old women, holding a basket around
her arm.  The old woman's voice was soft and gentle.  She looked like 
someone's grandmother. 

"I see my husband and I must be with him," Katie said.  "I don't know
what happened." 

The old woman grabbed Katie's hand and gently patting the top of hand,
trying to comfort her. They both turned to the snicker that came from 
behind them. 

"You mean you don't know what happened?" 

There, sitting on a large truck was a woman filing her long, red nails. 
Her legs were crossed, revealing her greatest attributes, while 
smacking her gum in perfect rhythm. 

"What do you mean?" asked Katie. 

"Never mind, dear," interrupted the old woman. 

The woman sitting on the truck, rolled her eyes and delicately removed
the gum from her painted, red mouth.  She looked at Katie. 

"Your dead," she said blankly.  "We're all dead and that train is taking
us to our final journey." 

She placed the gum back in her mouth and continued filing her nails. 
Katie looked at the old woman.  She nodded slowly.  Panic rose in Katie 
as she ran from the women.   Pushing and shoving her way through the 
crowd, Katie ran to Michael arms and held him tight.  She was afraid to 
let go. 

"Is it true Michael, are we dead?" she asked. 

"No," he said with a light laugh.  "Now go back to the car.  Petey is
waiting for you to come home.  I told the baby-sitter he could stay 

She drew back from Michael arms to look in his eyes.  She was confused,
but somehow, deep within her, understood his request.  Petey was 
Michael's son.  He was a widower with a child when Katie married him.  
Petey was 5 at the time and she loved him instantly. 

"I love you Katie and I love Petey.  So you must go back and let him

Katie's tears burned as it ran down her cheek.  Her heart ached
listening to Michael's plea. 

All aboard! The train's engine started up and people began to board the

"Listen, you have a chose to come with me or go back," Michael said,
holding Katie's shoulders.  "I don't have that chose, but letting me 
get on this train and you going back is the greatest love you can give 
me.  Petey too." 

The words Michael spoke penetrated Katie's soul and marked a permanent
place there.  She smiled gently, feeling strong and safe.  Her hands 
touched his cheeks, pulling him close and kissing him passionately on 
the lips.  She drew her lips far enough from his to whisper, I love 

Katie turned and walked away. 


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