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BLACKMAIL (standard:romance, 943 words)
Author: EoUiEeAdded: Jun 28 2002Views/Reads: 2838/1550Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
there was this tomboy princess who was kicked out of her own kingdom and suddenly found herself just standing in a new far away country called nihon or nipon. otherwise called japan. and to make this long story short, she suddenly met this tall guy named

I know!!!!! The plot seems already used but it's only the PLOT period.
The story under the plot is what matters most. ^_^ Umm....please don't 
flame me....don't wanna gain some enemies in the net...thank you. 


by: _EoUiEe_ 



Name: Raine Curtze Age: 16 Bloodtype: B Height: 5'6 Weight: 87 lbs.
B-day: December 2 School: N/A Hobbies: gun-shooting, fencing, self 
defence, judo, taekwondo 

Distinctive Features: 

She was all on how you could describe a princess. Beautiful, sexy and
quite tall. And that's all because she IS a PRINCESS. But uh...she have 
these not so other words, small bust. She have 2 ocean blue 
eyes. Her long wavy black hair, extending, reaching her waist. She has 
this over friendly attitude. Also, not mentioning, she's hot-headed, so 
don't mess with her. The problem is? She's a 100 percent certified 
clinically tested tomboy! She grew with her older brother, Prince Ashe 
Curtze, and her father, King Daweeze Curtze. And how bout her mom? 
Dead. The queen died when she gave birth of Raine. So what do you 
expect? She grew with both guys you know. Of course, her father was not 
IN with this crazy idea. He don't wanna believe that his beautiful 
lovely, daughter was actually a tomboy. And Raine was aware of that so 
she acts girly girly doody in front of her old man. 

She was thrown out of her own kingdom. Big WHY?! It is because of a
certain "Jinju Empire". And what does it got to do with her? Well, 
actually, it declaired WAR with Curtze Empire. The conflict between 
Jinju Empire and Curtze empire has something to do with "Family 
conflict". Then that's it. Instant kick-out in her own kingdom. She 
have to stay alive coz if not, it means Curtze Empire will die too. She 
is the only hope. And now, the girl who was considered "hope" of the 
Curtze empire was thrown in some place called "Nipon/Nihon" or also 
known as  "Japan". She has money of course. What's the use of credit 
cards? But then, she met this odd guy who stands 6 feet high, and then 
tadaa~ she's suddenly this guy's body guard. But how did this all 
happen? It's all just because of a stupid BLACKMAIL. 

Name: Waltz Tanuzoku Age: 17 Bloodtype: A Height: 6" Weight: 110 lbs.
B-day: April 16 School: Motanaku University Hobbies: reading news 
paper, doing business, basketball 

Distinctive Features: 

Tall man, tall. Gorgeous for a guy. Cool. Has an eye color like
bloodshed tears, ruby. His hair, golden yellow blonde. It's not long. 
Just short. Like any other typical cool dude would have their 
hairstyle. He study in this exclusive all boy's school and the best 
player in basketball. He's the unsocial type though. He's too quiet and 
calm which makes him cooler. He's freakin' wealthy. Why?! Because he is 
the son of an owner of a certain syndicate. YES dear readers, a 
syndicate. And because of this, he needs a body guard. But of all the 
people on earth, Raine was the chosen one to be his ever dearest body 
guard. How unfortunate of her. The last 15 and 3/4 years of her life, 
she was a spoiled rotten bratty princess and now, she's into a contract 
to be Waltz's 1 year body guard. And it all started because of an 
oh-so-shallow reason: BLACKMAIL 

Name: Xerzes Kachisu Age:17 Bloodtype: AB Height: 6" Weight: 107 lbs.
B-day: July 14 School: Motanaku University Hobbies: Reading: Playboy 
magazine, studying:look and learn: perveted topics, High jump, 
sleeping: with a girl 

All I can say is that, he's Waltz's cousin (mother's side) and
bestfriend at the same time. As you can see from his hobbies, he 
nothing but a stupid perverted dude and a playboy who has this ever so 
large mouth. He's always blabbering. He's talkative and active. He's 
good at girls. And well, to make him normal, he's also good at High 

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