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I've known what love is (standard:romance, 13517 words)
Author: Gryfinndor_GirlAdded: Jun 28 2002Views/Reads: 1931/1886Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Harry Potter spin-off. Ginny's confronts the mess that Tom Riddle left in her life with the aid of a new diary, and a certain black-haired boy who lived. Not your normal romance, it's a story of unrequited love <sob>

‘Come on Ginny' muttered Ron impatiently at my side. 

“Ron give me a chance I've got loads of books to buy this year' I told
him, frowning slightly as I wondered how I was supposed to buy 8 new 
books with only 12 Galleons. 

‘We've been here for ages, come on I want to check out Quality Quidditch
Supplies before we meet mum' said Ron, rolling his eyes at me as I 
checked her book list again. 

‘Well you go to the Quidditch store, you can go off on your own you
know. Leave me here' I snapped getting impatient with Ron. 

He'd been in a bad mood ever since the owl from Dumbledore had come
back, telling us Harry couldn't stay with us at all during the summer 
holiday. Owls were arriving from Harry every few days and I could tell 
they were highly suspicious to Ron. Harry completely skirted the 
subject of Hogwarts, the rejection by Dumbledore and even refrained 
from badmouthing the Dursleys in any way. 

I was taking three times longer than usual this shopping trip, because
my mind is so preoccupied. I had managed a sneaky look at some of 
Harry's letters, and not one of them gave any mention to what happened 
at the end of last year. My stomach always gives an unpleasant lurch 
when I remembered what happened on June the 24th. 

I was sitting in the stands with my mum, Bill, Ron, Fred and George when
the task began. I had forgot all pretence of trying to hide my crush of 
Harry, and was screaming and shouting with the rest of the crowd as he 
made his way for the glittering cup in the centre of the maze. I 
shrieked with the rest of the crowd as I saw him face the boggart 
dementor, gasped when he came face to face with one of Hagrid's Blast 
Ended Skrewts, and screamed when the giant spider came out of the hedge 
when he was so close to the end. 

I watched as Cedric and Harry defeated the spider, and watched with
swelling pride when I saw him offer to share to prize with Cedric. I 
knew Harry wouldn't have taken it, after Cedric had saved him like 
that, Harry has always been fair. I remember the uproar as Harry and 
Cedric suddenly disappeared after clutching the cup, and the faces of 
the judges staring round in as much bewilderment as the rest of the 

I can remember the petrifying fear when I realised that it wasn't what
was supposed to happen, and the agonising wait for him to return, with 
every second passing my hope of ever seeing him again fading slightly. 
I remember Ron comforting me as I sobbed into his shoulder, and the 
look of utter shock and hopelessness on his face, as we stared at the 
last place we'd ever seen him. 

I feel embarrassed as well as sick when I remember that night. The most
I have ever to spoken to Harry has probably been two sentences, and I 
was more distraught than his best friend. The whole school knows that I 
like him I think, but they all think it's just a little schoolgirl 
crush, and I think it started off like that. But the moment I saw his 
body return to Hogwarts that night, it's all changed. 

The entire population of Hogwarts was crowding around them when they
returned, and all I could hear were the shrieks of the people around me 
‘He's dead, He's dead!' I had no idea they were talking about Cedric 
and not Harry, and I felt my world crumble around me. It didn't matter 
to me that much then that Harry never liked me that way, or that I'd 
probably never talk to him for more than two minutes, but just his 
presence in the world made everything ok. But the thought that he was 
gone forever, and that I would never see him again, even if it was from 
across the common room or great hall, nearly killed me. 

The worst thing about that night was not knowing. My mum, Bill and Ron
all ran away, left me in the middle of the crowd of screaming students. 
Fred and George couldn't find me for nearly half an hour as I was swept 
along in a current of distressed and clueless people. The last I'd seen 
was Harry staggering to his feet and swaying dangerously, being half 
dragged away by professor Moody as Dumbledore was confronted by Amos 
Diggory and his wife. 

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