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Shake The Desease (standard:fantasy, 2095 words) [1/11] show all parts
Author: JenkisUpdated: Dec 18 2000Views/Reads: 2401/1319Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
First in the series following the life of Drakon; a boy on the verge of becoming a man living in a future world where the rules have changed. After WWIV, the earth became a dark and desolate place, the humans having made a pact with their greatest enemy,

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gesture meant. “Oh, Drakon...” her eyes filled up with tears and she 
smiled. “Sioux, promise me you’ll meet me in the Forest after Sunset?” 
he was imploring her now. “Okay,” she gave him a faint kiss before 
running into the house, “I promise.” 

Drakon’s house was deserted, as usual, when he arrived. He sat around
and did his homework until his parents got home. “Drakon, how was 
Schooling?” his Father inquired “It was good, Father,” replied the Son 
“Did you learn?” asked his Mother “Yes, Mother,” replied once again the 
Son “It is all good, then, Son,” said the Father “Father?” asked the 
Son “Yes, Son?” “I will choose my betrothed before my seventeenth 
Birthingday, will I not?” asked the Son “Yes, you will,” the Father was 
intrigued “Do you have anyone in mind?” asked the Mother “Yes, I do,” 
the Son’s voice faltered “And who would that be, Son?” inquired the 
Father “Her name is Sioux. She lives down this block,” Drakon bravely 
stated. “Well, let’s hope she’s still alive for your next Birthingday,” 
was all his mother said. 

Drakon sneaked out of his house half an hour after Sunset. The streets
were deserted and he was shivering with fear. No one really knew when 
the *Vampyres* actually came into this part of town. The district of 
Moloch was divided into ten cities and the smallest and last was Shadow 
Way, where Drakon and Sioux resided. But the point was that somewhere 
after Sunset and before Sunrise the *Vampyres* came and took Their 
victim. Drakon walked briskly in the shadows, hoping that if the 
*Vampyres* were actually here, that they wouldn’t see him hiding in the 
shadows. It took him fifteen long minutes to reach the Forest. Sioux 
was waiting for him at a clearing deep into the Forest. She jumped into 
his arms as soon as she saw him. “Drakon, I was so worried!” she gasped 
into his ear, “I thought They had gotten you.” He tightened his grip on 
her, suddenly aware of odd yet pleasing sensations coursing through his 
body at the feel of her body against his. He looked into her eyes to 
see a pair of light-violet orbs staring back into his. He stared at her 
in awe. He had never imagined a color so rich and beautiful. Her eyes 
were the most remarkable shade of violet he could’ve ever imagined. He 
knew these colors and the names because he’d read about them at the 
Library, where it was safe to behold colors. She blushed a deep crimson 
and looked into his eyes, dazed. He’d taken off his own lenses before 
leaving, revealing his beautiful sapphire eyes and saw her even 
lovelier now, the light of the moon brighter above them. “My mother 
said it was a sign the *Vampyres* would get me sooner,” she whispered, 
“My eyes, I mean.” “They’re beautiful, Sioux,” he said into her hair as 
she rested her head on his chest, “You’re beautiful,” he added and she 
melted against him; her hands embracing his waist and sending delicious 
shivers throughout his body. She looked up now, and her eyes seemed 
enormous and glossy with tears. “My heart is pounding so fast,” she 
whispered “Mine, too,” he said “Is this what those books said Love was 
like?” she frowned slightly “I think so,” he answered before covering 
her mouth with his. The kiss was innocent and sweet at first, then 
Sioux’s hands were treacherous, pulling him closer against her body and 
making him moan in pure pleasure. Her tongue forced itself softly into 
his mouth and sought his; Drakon met the kiss shyly at first, then was 
astonished at the urgency and passion with which he started to kiss her 
back. Drakon was familiar with Coupling, as all other fifteen-year-olds 
(Coupling in this world had become strictly important to keep the human 
species from extinction). He had indeed once done it the first time 
with a skilled Mistress that had been hired on his fifteenth 
Birthingday so that on his Wedding Day he would know what to do. But 
that had been different, of course, it had been strange and although he 
had enjoyed it, there wasn’t the sense of forbidden intimacy and need 
he and Sioux shared at this moment. His hands found themselves pulling 
her shirt off to reveal a pair of exquisite, luscious breasts under a 
black lacy bra. He was suddenly aware that they could die here 
together, were the *Vampyres* to find them, but he also suddenly didn’t 
care. He teased her soft pink nipples through the lace with his tongue 
and tasted Heaven. “Sioux, I want you to be my Betrothed,” he said to 
her as he laid her down on the ground. “Of course, Drakon. I always 
knew I’d be,” she half-whispered, half-moaned as he took her breast 
into his mouth again, this time after removing the bra. She sighed and 
gave herself over to the sensations in her body utterly, slipping out 
of her black pants and panties. He was awed at the sight of her nether 
hair, which was a light, shining violet like her hair must have been 
before they dyed it. He clumsily tore at his shirt and pants, longing 
to be inside her, bathed in her essence. “My Drakon, my reflection,” 
she whispered as he softly entered her, “Dance the ghost with me.” 
Strange words, they were, but strangely enough he understood what she 
meant, always had. Her hair smelled of violets and he breathed it in, 
loving the feel of it against his cheek, the way her eyes stared into 
his as the waves of her own ecstasy finally climaxed and then subsided. 
Her name escaped his lips as he collapsed on top of her. 

They lay entangled with each other, on the soft ground, for a very long
time. Their gazes fixed on each other’s eyes. No words or promises were 
spoken because they weren’t necessary. And perhaps because they knew 
that the promises were eventually going to be broken, nothing was sure 
in the world they lived in. They snuck back home sometime after 
midnight, to dream dreams of Freedom and of the Future Together. 

*  *  * 

The boy awoke with a start and then gasped in horror. It was Night Time.
His window was wide open. Drakon sat up in bed, drawing up his knees 
against his chest and hugging himself. Then suddenly, there was a 
movement in the corner of the room and there was nothing he could do 
when he realized in fright that a *Vampyre* was having him for dinner 
tonight. The *Vampyre* had hair like the sun and eyes like the sky. 
Quickly He laughed, shaking His head, creeping closer and closer to the 
foot of the bed and softer than shadow and quicker than flies His arms 
were all around Drakon and His tongue in his eyes. “Be still, be calm, 
be quiet, now, my precious boy,” He said, “Don’t struggle like that or 
I will only love you more. For it’s much too late to get away or turn 
on the lights, a *Vampyre* is having you for dinner tonight!” Then 
Drakon felt like he was being eaten by a thousand million shivering 
furry holes, and he knew that in the morning he would not wake up in 
this shivering cold world and that the *Vampyre* in him would be 


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