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Shake the Disease Pt II: After the First Death (standard:fantasy, 1292 words) [2/11] show all parts
Author: JenkisAdded: Oct 30 2000Views/Reads: 1829/973Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This follows Sioux almost a year after the first story. FEEL FREE TO COMMENT!

Part II: After the First Death 

Although she didn’t know it, the One For Her came one quiet night and
knelt by her bedside, taking in her very essence as he breathed her in. 
His lustrous black hair fell carelessly into his dark sapphire eyes. He 
kissed her lips softly before slipping through her window, carefully 
closing it behind him. 

*  *  * 

Sioux opened her eyes sleepily and almost broke into sobs at the sight
of her shut window and the awareness that it was Day Time. She sighed. 
Today was her seventeenth Birthingday and Drakon Fyre, her Betothed, 
was dead. He’d been dead for almost a year now, but she had never quite 
accepted it. Sioux stood up and walked to her window and drew back the 
curtains. It was the family from the corner who stood in their lawn, 
their thirteen-year-old daughter, Kaitlin, missing. Sioux did bow her 
head now, in sorrow for Kaitlin and in sorrow for Drakon, whom she’d 
never see again. She dressed slowly, the black cotton pants embracing 
her hips snugly and the black combat boots looking just a bit older 
than usual. The tight black dress-shirt covered nearly all of her white 
skin, making her look all the more feminine in the boyish outfit. She 
stood in front of the mirror, staring at her reflection a moment before 
putting on the black lenses that immediately made her eyes the color of 
coal. She slightly frowned before walking out the door. 

“Happy Birthingday,” smiled Gaiela at Sioux’s house that afternoon.
Gaiela’s own black hair flowing freely in the wind, her black eyes were 
bright in the sun. “Thank You,” said Sioux, quietly. She and Gaiela had 
known each other since childhood but grown apart since that night a 
year ago when she’d known what the Olden Books that talked of things 
like Passion and Love really meant by the words. “So, when do you think 
that your Wedding will take place?” asked Gaiela. “Wedding? I have no 
one to marry, Gaiela, don’t be silly,” Sioux scoffed “Well, that isn’t 
what I heard. Father talked to me last evening and told me that your 
Father had said you were to marry Elrych Wylken,” said Gaiela. “Did 
he?” Sioux said softly, a sudden sadness sweeping over her. “Yes, he 
did. And he thought it would do you good. He says you’ve been acting 
strange lately, Sioux,” Gaiela’s eyes were no longer friendly, now they 
looked slightly accusing, “Have you?” “I don’t know what he could mean, 
Gaiela,” Sioux replied “You do know, Sioux, what questioning the Elders 
means, right?” Gaiela was serious. “Yes, Gaiela, I know,” sighed Sioux. 
“I thought you did, Sioux,” smiled Gaiela, but the smile never touched 
her eyes. The stayed in silence for a long while, Sioux staring off and 
thinking of a boy whose dark sapphire eyes had made her cry and Gaiela 
staring at Sioux in secret envy, thinking of a boy named Elrych who’d 
broken her young heart in more ways than one. “Sad about Kaitlin, isn’t 
it?” Gaiela finally said after a while. “Yeah. That was sad about 
Kaitlin,” Sioux said, with no tangible emotion, still looking off into 
the distance. 

That evening, Sioux sat in her living room with her Mother and Father,
sitting opposite Elrych Wylken’s family. “So, when would be the most 
appropriate date for this Wedding to take place?” Stein Wylken, 
Elrych’s Father, said “I suppose two weeks is a good time,” said 
Sioux’s Father “Yes, we need time to make the dress and find them a 
house,” Elrych’s Mother observed. Elrych simply sat across from Sioux, 
his eyes covered by black lenses and his hair coifed tightly, she 
noted. That meant his hair was not black and it had not been dyed, 
either. Sioux found herself trying to picture him underneath the lenses 
and coif. “And the Archaic Alliance for the Week End before the 
Wedding?” inquired Sioux’s young Mother, who hid her dark violet eyes 
under black lenses. The Archaic Alliance was the night when the young 
couple got to “Know Each Other Biblically” before their Wedding Day. 
“Yes, that sounds all right, We’ll take care of the reservations at the 
Molochai Hotel in AngelCity,” said Elrych’s Father, standing up. Elrych 
and his Mother did the same as did Sioux and her family. The both 
Fathers shook hands and smiled upon one another. “Well, Elrych,” said 
his Mother, “Kiss your Betrothed then, and we’ll be on our way.” Elrych 
leaned over and kissed Sioux softly on her lush lips. The kiss had a 
ghostly linger to it, like she’d imagined it. For once, Sioux wondered 
if Elrych was happy about this Wedding at all. The Wylken’s took their 
leave and Sioux went upstairs to her room, silently crying as the 
Sunset came and she had no one to chase it with. 

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