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"Ordinary No" Chapter 1 (standard:romance, 1412 words) [1/7] show all parts
Author: YoboUpdated: Aug 10 2002Views/Reads: 1864/1089Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Its my first story feedback appreciated. A progressive online romance. Reflections on how far a woman has come, through divorce and into a relationship with her true soulmate.

Karen lay on her couch all wrapped up in her comforter hugging the teddy
bear that he sent to her.  The stereo playing thier song softly in the 

"Ordinary no, really don't think so, not a love this true, Common
destiny , we were meant to be, me & you " 

Her eyes fill with tears that inevitably fall each time as she longs for
his arms around her again.  Her thoughts drift back to the sequence of 
events that brought them together. 

Both Karen and Lee were in the early stages of the dissolution of
marriages that neither felt apart of anymore.  Lee already had 
separated and was struggling through the process, arranging 
visitations, trying to be fair and amicable to his former partner and 
the children.  Like many estranged wives, his was no different, 
fighting wanting to save what was no longer there, not understanding 
what went wrong, yet knowing deep down that she too was not content any 

Karen on the other hand still residing with her son and her soon to be
ex husband.  She managed 5 years with her husband, and discovered that 
she needed more from life than what it was offering her.  Blaze, her 
son too suffered, internalized his own emotions resulting in the 
abdominal pains.   Karen turned to her computer for comfort seeking 
resource information on what could possibly be ailing her young child.  
Her online friends gave thier well wishes, and offered her moral 
support from across the distance. 

Over the the months, Karen found comfort in her friends from various
states in the US, and throughout the world.  Many of the women she 
befriended were much like her, unhappy but staying with thier 
prospective husbands because of the children. 

Karen smiles to herself and gives her teddy bear a tighter hug as she
reflects to her conversation with Josie her online friend the day she 
made her decision to leave Peter.. 

Josie - "Hey girl, Happy holidays" 

Karen - "Thanks and happy holidays to you dear girl and your brood" 

Josie - " oh yeah, happy happy joy joy, same shit different pile here,
and its getting higher.  I can't stand it" 

Karen - "Yep, I hear ya girl, I am so tired of it here, same ol thing ya
know.  Hes in the garage again, I swear I should just move the bed in 
there for him. You know I don't know why we put ourselves through this" 

Josie - "Yeah , this is so depressing... one of these days girl we have
to bust loose.  But for now, I suppose this is where we are, we'll 
never leave" 

Karen - " Well, never say never Josie........" 

Josie - "hmmm? what you mean never say never????" 

Karen - " Well..... Remember I had that Doctor appointment to go to
about Blaze this morning?" 

Josie - " Oh shit yeah, I am sorry I forgot what she say?" 

Karen - "Well, we talked about the results from the appendectomy, and
how that came back normal, it wasn't Blaze's appendix that caused his 

Josie - " WHAT??????????? they took out his appendix and they didn't
have to???? You should sue them!!!! 

Karen - " LMAO shit Joise you Americans always quick to sue lol," 

Josie - " lol I suppose huh, well what was the problem?" 

Karen - " Well, Dr. A asked about what is going on at home, so I told

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