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Lost in Infinity (standard:fantasy, 305 words)
Author: peteAdded: Jul 06 2002Views/Reads: 1945/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A short story of a weary traveller lost in his own thoughts. A purely metaphorical tale based within the conceptual space enclosed by the infinitely large and the infinitely small

It was coming to a close, i knew. The dark was rising and the tugs were
becoming almost unbearable. 

I woke up- the sky glistened a golden black, i whispered to the birds
"sing, sing you birds else there'll be hell to pay in the morning" they 
laughed. laughter is something the birds have long mastered, it is 
their art and now their nature. 

I remember my route- my god- the geometric shape. She dribbles her
perfect phlegm- only real in the idea. The fractal spit falls on the 
land and it's feeding time- we turn our heads and recieve our early 
morning meal. we bathe in tears of form and logic and worship her 

A tug- a slow dull tug at my soul, I am compelled- i step out into the
barren landscape- all around i hear answer, but as noise- not intended 
for my mind. The wind howls but in vain, as it in turn succumbs to the 
sound of the oceans waves. a minuet of sea. I travel- meet an agitated 
man of chaos, we shake hands and admire the seductive gleam and endless 
abysses of the water- the abyss of its parts and the abyss of it as 
part. We run along the path lain between, we run and we run until we 
forget where we are going. 

we laugh- what else can you do when you see all and nothing at once. we
pause, unsure of the direction to run, all take us endlessly but we 
cannot posit ourselves on any path. 

with no idea of goal we forget how to run- we stand still, staring off
at the distant traces of magnitudes once known. the birds fly over, 
laughing, and sing "Follow me". at last, we follow- ever wary and 
afraid of what the next tugs might bring.


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