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The Cat's Meow (standard:romance, 8296 words)
Author: UdreamAdded: Jul 08 2002Views/Reads: 1798/1144Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A group of friends who on the way to find peace and happiness push each other down and lift one another up.

The Cats meow Chapter 1 

Disclaimer This story is a  works of fiction. Any resemblance to persons
living or dead is entirely coincidental. The author asserts all legal 
rights to this work. You are not allowed to copy anything without 
authors permission. By continuing on you are agreeing to the statement 


All of a sudden I hear the best words over a speaker that a drunk woman
who loves to dance can hear. "Dude looks like a lady." OK this song is 
on my friggin A list for make a fool of yourself when your drunk songs. 
I mean how can you go wrong with this? 

As soon as I heard it, I started to throw down. Twirling my long hair
around and around, gyrating my hips to the beat, I felt like a rocket 
in a dome. I needed more room to move about. So I jumped on the bar and 
started to flip my hair here and there. Slapping my tight leather 
wrapped legs and rolling my hips. Showing my heritage in the way my 
hips rolled at with ease, the way my waist moved, my hands flying 
everywhere along with my hair. 

I started to get encouragement from the onlookers at the full bar, so I
started to move around even more. I was spinning and dropping to my 
knees, crawling along the wood bar, jumping up and in some guys face, 
teasing him with luscious lips. 

I grabbed a hold of the pole at the end of the bar and treated it like a
sexy dance partner, busting a few fancy moves or two on it. I grabbed 
the pole with my left hand and put my feet in front of it and leaned 
forward into the crowd, my hair falling down into my face and my 
seductive eyes looking through it; as I slowly leaned from left to 

I suddenly turned and gave them a look at something that even Ms. J-Lo
wish she could have. Then I looked back winked at no one particular and 
did a fast split at the last chord of the break down; which seemed to 
get a chorus of groans, moans, and oh fuck me's. I started to spin on 
the bar moving to the end, my hair spinning right along with my body. 

Gosh who ever said it wasn't great to be sexy is out of their damn mind.
And attention is like heroin, that shit is addictive. I stopped 
abruptly and pulled my shirt up over my head giving them a real show. I 
got cheers, some far off female jeers and a few dollars thrown my way. 
Soon the song finished and I jumped off the bar a happy woman. 

I was out of breath, with a grin from ear to ear. Damn I should change
my profession, hee. I got so many drinks thrown my way you'd swear that 
when I flashed them I didn't have a bra on. Damn men are strange as all 
hell. My friend Shelly grabbed my arm ever so swiftly and hauled me out 
of the bar. 

The fresh air hit me like a ton of bricks. Damn I didn't even realize it
was so hot and stuffy in there. I looked at Shelly trying her best not 
to look irritated in her khaki Capri pants, green knit sweater, and 
golden blonde hair, her frame almost identical to mine. She just looked 
at me and tsked. 

I just looked at her and rolled my eyes "Like if I haven't hauled your
ass out of many bars on plenty occasions." Damn she acted like I did 
this all the time. I was always the designated driver. Alcohol never 
really interested me. 

That's until today when I just happened to walk on one of my best
friends with my fiancée. Then all of a sudden alcohol was looking like 
it was made especially for me, like all of a sudden every drink had the 
words "Catherine" on them. 

I snapped my fingers and swayed to the car. The beat of “Dude Looks Like
A Lady” still very evident and clear in my mind. Damn, listening to 
crap like that made you wanna learn how to play the guitar just so you 
could play that one song. I jumped in the passenger side of my BMW. 
"Top down my dear." 

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