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Nothing But Pain I (standard:romance, 7527 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: Gryfinndor_GirlAdded: Jul 11 2002Views/Reads: 1977/1229Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The developing friendship between Harry potter and Ginny Weasley, as told by Ginny herself. How does she cope with a new year at school where she's constantly bullied by those she calls her friends, and who will step in to save her?

NOTHING BUT PAIN I As told by me, Ginny Weasley 

“Hey Ginny! How was your summer?” shrieked a voice across the crowded

I turned around, trying to locate the voice in the mass of people, and
finally noticed a short, blonde haired girl running wildly towards me. 
I sighed inwardly, but put on a happy smile. 

“Tara! Hi, how brown are you?” I asked, noticing that my fellow
Gryffindor's usually pale, typical English skin was deeply tanned, and 
flaking slightly on her nose. 

“I know, isn't it great!” she proclaimed, holding out her arm next to
mine. It was really quite extraordinary how pale I could be. 

“Was France good then?” I asked unenthusiastically as we heaved our
heavy trunks onto the crowded steam train. 

“Brilliant. I got sea-sick on the ferry, but that wore off, and Dylan
was being a pain in the neck as usual, but apart from that...Brilliant” 
she babbled. 

We found a compartment at the end of the train, full with girls from my
year and below, that shared Gryffindor tower. I put on another brave 
smile and waited for the onslaught. 

“Hello Ginny” 

“Have a good summer?” 

“Good to see you again” 

I tried to answer the barrage of questions that was sent my way as best
I could, whilst trying to find a spare seat by climbing over all the 
bags, feet and cats that were all occupying the floor space. I tried to 
look suitably interested as the compartment of chattering schoolgirls 
all tried to tell everyone what they had done over the holidays at the 
same time, and sighed inwardly when the new topic was bought up. 

“So, who are you going to ask to the Halloween Ball?” said one curly
haired girl, squished against the window looking impossibly excited. 

“There's a Ball?” 

“How do you know?” 

“Have you got dress robes?” 

“Who are you going to ask?” 

I smiled slightly to myself, as the girls started comparing dresses, and
possible dates, and for once I felt like just any other normal teenage 
girl, slightly excited at the prospect of going to a dance, but I knew 
the one person I wanted to go with, wouldn't ask me. Ever since the 
frankly bizarre and highly embarrassing summer Harry had spent at the 
Burrow, I'm surprised he can still look at me without laughing out 
loud. The truth was, I made a complete fool of myself, and although 
everything had been sorted and I'd even become friends with him, I was 
still hiding a secret. 

The end of last year, I got over my crush on Harry, but to my amazement
and shock, it had been replaced by something stronger. Love. And I 
blush every time I think about it, because it sounds just like one of 
those muggle romance novels, stupid and very cliché. But I've always 
believed in love at first sight. And the first time I ever saw Harry 
for real, a year before I started Hogwarts on the Kings Cross platform, 
I knew. 

“Ohhhh” squealed a little mousy haired girl from the middle of the
crowd, “Wouldn't it be just amazing if Harry Potter asked me?” 

Most of the cabin adopted dreamy expressions, all fantasising about
going to the Ball with a certain black haired, green-eyed boy in the 
year above them. I felt myself adopting the same dreamy expression and 

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