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Spiritual Paradox: Chapter 2 (standard:fantasy, 936 words) [2/2] show all parts
Author: Virtual AdeptAdded: Oct 21 2000Views/Reads: 1939/980Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The story continues.....

Spiritual Paradox: 2 

“Shh! We’re not in the city any more!” George hissed. Nosferatu were
accustomed to living underground, and the woods made them nervous. 

“There’s nothing out here!” Cobra bellowed arms raised in the air. “What
the hell are you worried about?” George picked up a stick and struck 
the irritating Brujah upside the head. 

“Have you ever been in the woods? Do you know what a Lupine is? Well,
your gonna find out if you don’t shut your fucking mouth. Did you hear 
what happened to one of your buddies?” George shot back. Cobra looked 

“Yeah, some freak decapitated him in the street last night. Homeless
vagrants said it was a man wearing a long white coat, and sporting 
White glowing eyes.” He said with dismay. 

George nodded his head in an annoyed fashion. “Yes, and if you want to
make it to the van, with your cranial appendage I suggest you...” 
George was cut short by the sound of something running over dry leaves. 
He could just barely make it out, but it was definite. The two looked 
at each other, and began fleeing down the path. The sound of leaves 
crunching under large feet grew louder, and it now sounded like there 
were more of them. George turned to run down another path, but he 
slammed right into a large, hairy chest. He stumbled backwards and 
landed on a rock, breaking his back.  The Garou walked slowly toward 
him. George called for Cobra, whom was armed, but he was nowhere to be 
found. George’s jaw almost dropped completely off in surprise at his 
next sight. 

“Speak of the devil...” He mumbled. A man, whose description was
familiar to George, stepped forward. He tossed something toward George. 
It rolled by and came to a stop against a tree. It was the open mouthed 
head of Cobra, teeth missing. George’s heart almost began beating 
again. The man raised his sword, and brought it down hard. 

George’s head rolled and came to a rest next to Cobra’s. One of the
Garou picked it up, and extracted the teeth with his right claw. The 
man in the white coat smiled. 

“Good work.” He outstretched his hand as the hulking Garou tossed him
the teeth. “Two more wyrm-corrupts on my belt.” He pocketed the teeth, 
and sheathed his sword. 

The Garou all began shifting into Homid form, as the man watched. One by
one they sloughed off the hairy, Crinos form and became human once 
again. Several were members of the Children of Gaia, and a couple more 
belonged to the Fianna. They grinned as they met him with human eyes. 

“Good work, Cassidy.” The Male Fianna said through grinning teeth. “Same
time tomorrow?” Cassidy shook his head. 

“No, I’ve got to go take care of a small problem.” He explained. The
crew of werewolves began transforming once again, this time into wolves 
as they ran howling into the night. Cassidy eye’s glowed bright White 
once again as stepped sideways into the Umbra. 

Sgt. Wilcox awoke in a hospital bed of a local treatment center, sleepy
and with a sore head. She sat up, and looked around. A man in a white 
lab coat stepped in with a chart, and saw that Sgt. Wilcox had 

“Oh, Miss Wilcox, I see you are awake.” He checked his chart. “You can
leave anytime now. Your belongings are on the table over there. Your 
precinct knows where you are don’t worry. They told you to take the day 
off.” He walked off at the sound of the PA announcing his name. Karyn 
stood up. She picked her clothes up off the table, and began changing. 
As she was doing so, a man stepped in. 

“Hey, what the hell!” She shrieked. The man, apparently embarrassed,
stepped outside. 

“Uhh, Karyn, the chief told me to come and give you a ride.” He said
from inside the hall. Karyn stepped out, fully clothed. “Thanks.” She 

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