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A Game (standard:poetry, 794 words)
Author: Finn McKoolAdded: Jul 30 2002Views/Reads: 2279/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Something I've always wanted to do, that I thought up, but as of yet, for some reason or another, not.


It is not a request. 

Now lie down on the bed your head at the foot. I'm going to blind fold
you now, not because it is necessary,but because...well... Just 

You can't hear me, but you feel me moving at the foot of the bed I'm
doing something there, just behind and uUnderneath your head. 

Now you feel me take your arm, my fingers holding you, and you feel
something wrap around. It feels like fabric of somekind. The same feel 
as your blindfold; sheer, but rough materia,Black as the view behind 
your eyes. I wrap it around and tie your hands, your arms out 
stretched, as you were on a cross with a knot I learned on a stage 
crew. Your arms are pulled taut by the fabric. 

I leave you laying there a few moments. 

In the dark 

Wondering what's next. I can assure you I'm taking my time, whatever I'm
doing, but I'm not saying a word. In fact, you don't hear me moving at 
all You heard a few sounds at first. Faint. Quiet. No more than 
rustlings really. But no more. It wouldn't suprise you if I had left 
the room, I'm that sort of joker in a deck. I may have gone downstairs 
for a cigarette for all you know. You begin to wonder. But then, you 
feel my hand carress your face. And you know I've been here the whole 
time, probably just hovering over you, taking in your stretched out 
naked body Offered up to me. 

You feel my breath as I lean in close. You feel the stubble on my cheek
as I nuzzle you. I lightly kiss your forehead and I'm gone again. 
Until... What was that you felt just now? It was soft, like silk, but 
with more weight. It was cold. It lightly skipped across your stomach. 
It touches you again, tracing figure eights moving over your belly 
button, soft and cool like... Petals. A rose by the smell as it lightly 
trails over your face, under your nose and over your lips so lightly. 
You wonder if I've taken the thorns out. I might have. 

The rose traces over your neck arcing into a big smile. It goes lightly
over your nipples, which perk up at the touch. It goes back over your 
belly moving whimsically like a figure skater, done with practice, now 
moving out of love. It traces down a thigh, on the top. Down over your 
feet, and tickles the bottoms. Your toes curl and you giggle. You know 
I'm smiling. It goes back up your other leg, and other than the rose, 
all you can feel are my points of gravity, where my weight is perched, 
sinking in the bed. It's like gravity in the galaxy. The rose plays and 
swoops slowly through your inner thighs. It brushes you now, like a 
painter working a wall. I then spread your legs a little further. You 
finally feel my touch. My hands and fingers, but, your leg is moved 
next to mine and you have figured out that somewhere along the way I 
became as naked as you. 

The rose tickles you in your center. I spread your legs, and you wider
as I tickle that little bundle of nerves that you love me to love so 

You feel the rose dissappear. I lay on top of you. You can feel my
exceitment Hard pressed onto yours. I stick the stem of the rose 
between your teeth. 

"Hold it there," I say softly. I lean into your ear and whisper, "Do not
drop that rose, no matter what, And do not break that stem, even a 
little, no matter what I do to you." I know you are wondering what will 
happen if you do. So I tell you. 

"Every time you drop that rose, I'm going to stop Whatever I'm doing.
And punish you. I may tease you into a frenzy And leave you lying, 
unable to release it. I may just walk away And leave you to lay for a 
while, in the dark. And if you break it, the same applies, but then the 
game is regrettably over. No more touching or teasing or anything. I 
may leave you there tied up all night." 

You know I won't. Well... You think I won't. You hope so. But you know
you aren't going to want this game to end. 

How many times do I make you drop that rose? How much do you pay for it?
How much do I make you ache, like a tooth, Deep, and throbbing? How 
long do I leave you to lay there in the dark Untouched? How long do you 
play this game, Until we both win? 


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