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Lyric Theatre (standard:poetry, 252 words)
Author: MACAdded: Oct 22 2000Views/Reads: 2538/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A futuristic society that thinks truth lies not in physical but that which is intangible to the point of idols and witchcraft. The question lies how have they abolished the physcial counterparts to our psyche and spirit?

Welcome to man's theatre, the voice of the void announced 

Languid youth and superstar bores filed into the coliseum 

We have assembled in this place for a solemn assembly of minds 

We are to hear from each and every one of you, soulless cretins 

that's all these people are they have no feel for true art 

Yet how would this voice ever droning on know anything about truth 

justice and the American way 

So I sit in the theatre of Lyrics, and one gathers courage 

trying out new things, stepping out to be openly ridiculed 

He recites a snatch of verse about some long forgotten body requirement 

I think he called it breathing 

In out breath exhale inhale we had no idea what he was talking about 

Another arose and shared a story about something called sex 

we laughed him off the stage 

Then another arose, and we heard truth as it should be 

truth as it really is, in form of abstract imagery, Einstien heaven 

Things not to be perceived through some tangible system 

but through hard effort, imagination, power, feeling 

I stood and clapped, as did us all, in that place called Lyric Theatre 

We were here for a slow method of eternity, to hear each other's

There has never been anything but this place nor will there ever be 

We do not dress in rags, those things called bodies, nor do we adorn

We were here for a slow method of eternity, to hear each other's


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