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When Boy Meets Girl; AGAIN!- -Part One- (standard:romance, 767 words)
Author: young·but·good·authorAdded: Aug 13 2002Views/Reads: 2202/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The first part of my story is very short, but be expecting a lot more soon! This story doesn't get very romantic until the end, but it's worth it. Keep in mind while you are reading that I am only 13, but my friends say this story is very good! Enjoy*

*Please remember, I only let my teacher read this, he did not make any
corrections or changes to my story.* 

Tucker could see that face so clearly; it was so vivid. And, not to
mention beautiful! It was giggling and laughing at nothing in 
particular. He knew that face all to well....  For some reason, even 
though he was lying in bed, still in the sleep mode, he thought he was 
attracted to that giggling face. He felt like he could kiss it. 

‘But why?' he questioned his groggy self. 

He had known this girl ever since day-care...? Without getting an
answer, he rolled over to the other side of the bed. Opening his heavy 
eyelids very slowly, he looked for the clock beside him. As soon as the 
digits registered in his mind, he snapped his eyes shut once again. 
11:42 AM.  Putting a pillow over his face, he tried to fall back 

Well, that wasn't going to work. So he lay there and thought about his
dream. That face. That giggling, laughing, beautiful face. It puzzled 
him, because the giggling face belonged to Dani Johnson. Why was he so 
attracted to this girl, that he dreamed the same dream every night? He 
and Dani were just friends. Good friends at the max. She wasn't even 
the type of girl that he liked. She wasn't one of the prettiest girls 
that he knew either. She was human; unlike those people on TV shows. 
She liked sports; tennis especially, books, school, and lots of other 
things that he enjoyed. She had pretty brown hair, and blue eyes... but 
the human part; she had a few pimples. So what? That's not what counts, 
is it? This girl had the best personality in the world. Well, maybe. 
And because of her love for the outdoors, she was more masculine than 
those other prisses. She was always helping to carry the heavy stuff, 
like one of the guys would. But the other girls wouldn't bother with 
it; they thought their purses were too heavy. 

Oh well, this would have to wait for later. He was going to get some
breakfast! He rolled over to the side of the bed. Tucker started to sit 
up, and a fresh breeze of cold wind hit him in the face. Now he was 
totally awake! He rubbed his eyes and ran his hand through his brownish 
hair before heading for the stairs. 


Tucker was fixing himself a bowl of Fruit Loops when his housemaid,
Karen Jenson, walked in and greeted him a good morning. She poured 
herself some tea and sat down at the table with Tucker. 

“What's up Tuck? You look pale today.” 

Tucker pondered the idea of telling Karen about Dani. He could talk to
her about anything, and she usually helped, so he decided to. 

“If I tell ya something, do ya promise not to tell anybody?” 

“Uh huh, but if you're looking for advice, then I might not be able to
help ya there.” 

“Okay, well, I've been having a dream lately. And its been about
somebody I know; A girl. Uh, well, lets call this girl uh.. Flower. 
Okay? Well, I've known Flower ever since I was little, and she's just a 
friend. But in my dreams, I like her. I like her, like her. Understand? 
But she's just a friend, and I don't know why I like her in my dreams.” 

“Oh sheesh Tucker. Lemmie think... well, do you think you like her in
real life? Just not in your dreams?” 

“Well, I dunno really. I haven't seen her in a long time. What do I do?”

“I say you invite her for a party tonight.” 


“Well, tell her your having her and, like 2 of her friends over too. But
don't really invite them. Tell her that it'll be like a mini party. 
Then, since you wanna get to know her by herself, tell ‘Flower' when 
she arrives here that your other two friends can't come. Understand? 
But be prepared for her to say that she wants to go home.” 

“Hey, that's a good plan! Thanks.” 

“Anytime Tuck. Now, go call Dani and invite her over.” 

With that she picked up her coffee and headed into the living room.
Before she went out the door, she gave him a wink. Tucker didn't 
realize what she had said until she was out the door. His face got red 
with embarrassment, but he soon got over it. He did exactly what she 
had said; Went upstairs and called Dani. 


*Part Two comming VERY soon!*


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