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Why do i have to go to (SCHOOL) ? (standard:horror, 493 words)
Author: beautifulAdded: Aug 15 2002Views/Reads: 1836/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
School is not always the best place to be!!!!!

Everbody at Lexington Jr. High was hyped about the big sleepover at
school with the counseler's. They were ready for it because they were 
supposed to have a party that night and watch movie .Everybody was 
suppose to camp out in the gym. No one payed attention in class that 
day they to eager to get ready to go than to pay attention. Finally the 
bell rung and school was out kids scattered for blocks running to get 
there things. 

All the kids started arriving at about 9:00 to go to the party they if
they weren't there by 10:00 then they would be left out for all the 
activities.Kelly and Michelle were the first ones to arrive at the 
school then the restt of the gang to come. The kids were out of control 
the counselers couldn't do anything with them. They thought they would 
go crazy. They told all the kids to stay down stairs  but they didn't 

As all the kids went upstairs they started dissapering one by one . It
seemed like when they hit the cornere someone would pull them into the 
wall . The rest of the kids knew better so they started running back 
down stairs to counselers to tell them what happened. The counselers 
didn't what to do but before they could even hit the door to try to 
find them. All the light went out and they wouldn't come back on. 

Everbody banned together to try to find out where the flash lights were
at. They couldn't find out where they were at so they used there senses 
 to find there way up the stairs.when they found there way there was 
only one person left michelle. Michelle tryed to find her way out but 
all the doors were locked she was stuck searching room to room looking 
for her fellow peirs. 

While she was looking for up the hallway she saw a shadowy figure coming
at her. When they came face to face she tried to fight him off . 
Michelle found a dustpan and hit him over the head . Then the power 
came back on and the old man with the hook was gone. when she was 
walking down the hall she saw all her friends hanging on ropes blloody 
words written on the wall. 

She started to scream but no one could hear her she ran outside and it
was raining blood. She ran home and told her mom but they didn't 
believe her they told her to go to bed. She went to bed an she woke up 
it was all a dream. Or was it the cops came to her house and then she 
new it wasn't a dream . they questioned her but she couldn't say 
anything because she was in shock. 

They had to put Michelle in a mental home and every five years she
manages to escape and go on a  sleep over killing spree.


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