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Hey Juliet (standard:poetry, 382 words)
Author: Finn McKoolAdded: Aug 18 2002Views/Reads: 2049/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Hey kids, your good buddy Finn's gonna share a page from his mysterious pocket notebook. Enjoy.

Hey Juliet! 

Come to the window. 

Answer the phone. 

Don't leave me standing out here all alone. 

Because I know that you're home. 

And you hear me. 

Lady it's cold! I ain't under this window for my health! 

And I ain't Romeo. 

That cat was just bullshittin', tryin' to hit it and quit but got his
heart tangled up along the way. 

I'm here to be real and be me as I may. 'Cuz I done been here for a year
and day. 

Don't you hear me Juliet? 

Because I'm here so you'll hear me and maybe you'll fear me, just a

I ain't no Romeo, I don't promise to stay. I may not be here for forever
and a day. I'm just doin' my best, which just isn't that great. 

Goddamit, I hope you hear me. 

You see I'm no angel. I'm not a good person. 

I think about other women. 

I think about leavin'. 

But I won't. 

I can't. 

Not just yet. 

Because I love you. You see in me that which I don't see in myself. 

You see me as beautiful. You see the Romeo in me and so I know he's
there 'cuz you see him and believe in me. 

And because I look at you and feel more than I can say. If I was Romeo I
would, but I'm not, so I can't and I won't try. 

But Juliet, don't walk away! 

Don't hang up on me just yet. Because there's more to me than you see,
and it's not pretty. I'm not good enough to be Romeo. Not cool enough 
to be Mercutio. Not brave enough for Tybald. I'm just the fuck-up in 
the back row. 

But I'm here, Juliet. Right here and right now and so long as you know
it may not always be. 

So now, I think we can proceed. 

Because, in short I am afraid. 

I'm afraid of myself, that I'll hurt you or break you or disrespect you.
God, believe me, I almost wish you'd leave me, so it doesn't happen! 


But I love you. And I don't want the things that I say to come true, I
just want to love you. And to stay. 

I just want to do some drinking, 

And just get through today. 


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