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A Raid of Evil: A Chrono Trigger Story (standard:fantasy, 9590 words)
Author: EnderAdded: Sep 02 2002Views/Reads: 2078/1309Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young girl, named Verenus, from the town of Truce meets a young boy from the forest of Gaurdia. A few years later the couple is married, but something terrible happens to the young boy. What will Verenus do? Her and some hopeful friends make a journey,



*** 1005 AD 

Crono, Marle and Lucca all sat at the square table in Guardia Castle.
Crono, of coarse, was the king, after all he did save the entire 
Kingdom and since King Guardia didn't have a son, Crono took his place. 
Along with his wife, Queen Marle they ruled over the lands. Lucca, the 
very first girl Chancellor/Inventor, also lived in the castle with her 
two best friends. One day though, some very bad news came over to the 
King's Hall. A young boy, named Alai, was delivering the dreadful 

"King Crono, King Crono!" called Alai, running into the King's Hall. "I
have terrible news, your highness" 

"What is it?" Crono replied in his calm, cool, collected voice. 

"It's about your mom., just a few hours ago. We found
her lying on your bed not breathing. I'm so sorry". 

"WHAT!" Crono screamed. "My mother...died? Why didn't anyone tell me

"We didn't know until a few minutes ago and-" 

"Leave!" Crono interrupted. "And get me the priest". 


"We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of a lost loved one.
The one everyone knew and the one that raised a Hero. Her name, 
(Crono's mom), reminded us all how to act and how to be a mother. Her 
soft voice rang like the bells in the church and the birds in the 
forest on a summer day. We are gathered here today to say goodbye to 
Crono's beloved mother". 

Crono placed a rose over his mother's grave. 

"How did she die?" asked Marle, back in the castle the next day. Crono
was sitting on his throne, thinking... 

"They say it was from a disease where you shake all the time, until you
die" he replied, sadly. 

"After all this time I never really knew your mom, Crono" Marle

"Yeah. You're right. Come to think of it neither did I. In fact I didn't
know much about my father either. My mom said he died in a circus act. 
I wonder what really happened?" Crono said out loud, looking down at 
his cold feet. 

Suddenly Lucca walked in from behind the throne. She was dressed in her
usual clothes but without her glasses. She was trotting around the room 
holding a piece of paper. 

"Where are your glasses, Lucca?" asked Marle. 

"Allow me to introduce my newest lenses!" replied
Lucca adding the sound effects, 'BOM, BOM BOMMM'! 

"That's great," Crono said back "So you can see without big old glasses

"Exactly!" Lucca explained. "Miniature versions in my eyes. Look I can
even read the writing on this tiny piece of paper". "Ohh" Marle and 
Crono both said at the same time. 

"I heard the bad news," said Lucca, sadly. 

"I'm all right now. I just wish I could know everything that happened
before I was born." Crono replied back, sighing. 

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