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Through Eyes of Love (standard:romance, 4930 words)
Author: LadybugAdded: Sep 16 2002Views/Reads: 2686/1537Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Carina Lauer, a star overnight suddenly has to deal with the physical and emotional realities of becoming visually impaired in both her eyes due to an accident while dancing. Her love interest, John, realizes he cannot handle the responsibility.

Through Eyes Of Love 

"Let me do that again!"  the lovely young lady of eighteen years of age
insisted.  Her best friend, Maxine rolled her eyes at the graceful, 
talented dancer.   "Okay, Carina, let's take it from the top!" 

Maxine watched in awe as her closest friend, whom she knew since they
were toddlers, moved across the floor with the most fixed look of 
determination on her face.  She knew her friend was gifted with the 
ability to dance, She also knew Carina, being a perfectionist,  was her 
own worse critic. 

As the song ended, Maxine burst out with a round of applause.  "That was
great!"  Carina grinned, "It will have to do for now," she chuckled. 

Chapter 2 

The next day, Carina sat in a booth with a red and white checkered
tablecloth.  A small CD player which resembled a 50's jukebox was 
attached to the table and leaned against the wall.  A young man about 
the age of 20, wearing a black t-shirt, jeans and sunglasses entered 
the coffee shop.  Carina saw him at the door and waved him over to her 
table.  He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, then slid in across 
from her and slowly lifted his specs, raising his eyebrows in a playful 
manner.  "Oh John," she giggled, "you're too much!" 

"Get used to the shades babe, once your CD goes gold, every guy in town
will be standing in line to see you."  Carina blushed, "If only you 
were right.  My music video might be making its debut on tv."  John 
nodded, "See, already a celebrity!"  She chuckled, "John! I'm serious.  
I'm waiting to hear from my manager, JT.  He thinks I stand a good 
chance of having it aired." 

John was busy glancing at the titles on the jukebox, "Just think babe,
one day, your song will be here, by then you will be too busy for me, " 
 he teased.  She looked at him with a steadfast glance.  "John, I will 
always be there for you." 

He reached out and took her hand, "Yeah kid, I know, and I'll be there
for you." 

Chapter 3 

Several days later, Carina was packing for a trip to LA to do a taping
on one of the daytime talk shows.  Having a hard time closing her 
suitcase, she tries sitting on it, and snaps the clasps from that 
position.  Just then the phone rings.  "Hello? Oh, hi JT! What am I 
doing? I'm finishing packing for my trip, my plane leaves in two 

The sound of his voice blasts that she has to hold the phone away from
her ear, "Turn the television on!" he screamed.  She was so excited she 
forgot to ask what channel and began flipping buttons on the remote.  
Moments later she sees herself in the music video promoting her latest 

"Oh my goodness JT!" she screamed, still staring at the television.  "I
could kiss you!"    JT, alone in his apartment smiled, obviously very 
pleased.  "I'll take a rain check on that kiss, meet you at the airport 

After almost two hours of non stop chatter, Carina finally fell asleep
in her seat.  JT studied her face.  She was lovely, her shoulder length 
brown hair, which resembled pure silk draped delicately around her 
shoulders.  Her long, black eyelashes gracefully rested against her 
skin.  He was pleased that her video was played on national television. 
 Truth was, her CD was quickly climbing the charts.  Soon, she would 
have to decide to move to LA permanently.  He reached out and lightly 
brushed away a few loose strands of hair from her face. 

Chapter 4 

Six months later 

John slams the phone down, he hasn't been able to get through to Carina

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