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The Ragged Man (Poetry) (standard:other, 290 words)
Author: Robert L. RevlandAdded: Oct 26 2000Views/Reads: 3354/3Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The story of a homeless man from a young man's point of view.

Theres a guy on the corner of 11th and 3rd 

Tall black man in patchwork clothes 

Standing there at night with an old coffee cup in his hand 

Asking for spare change, doesnt mean any trouble 

Not one of those crazy homeless guys on dope 

I dont think he was homeless, just poor, no job 

He had a family: two or three sons in their thirties 

I guess he didnt get much help from them 

He just stands there, talking to anyone who will listen 

Watching the NYU students milling around 

The movie theater and Webster Hall 

Id walk by, give him a few coins, maybe 35 cents if I had it on me 

Hed say God bless you and Id just say it right back 

He was a mentor to me 

I didnt want to end up like him 

But he was just a good man in a bad situation 

Could have done better if he had a head start 

Told me to do well in school, get a good education 

Or else Id end up like him: fifty years old and out on the street 

I told him I had big dreams 

Id make a million dollars and give him the world 

Get him a house 

Let him have a life 

Never would have really known anything if it wasnt for him 

He made me want to get into politics 

Try and change things for guys like him 

I dont see him around much anymore 

Hope hes alright 

Hope hes still around 

Still dreaming 

Still hoping 

Because he gave me my hopes and dreams 

I hope God listened to me 

Gave him the blessing he deserved 

Gave him a better life 

I sure hope I see him again. 


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