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Rambling on (standard:other, 270 words)
Author: KayEssAdded: Sep 29 2002Views/Reads: 2016/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My thoughts are in disorder... My thinking is unclear even in these important times.

I ramble and my thoughts are not placed clearly unless I am tired then I
am usually more alert in my work.  My work never confuses me or makes 
me wonder.  It just makes sense and nothing of it can be changed 
because it is perfect and flawless, like a work of art that is not 
complete to someone else, but is finished according to the artist. 
Writing gives me a sense of agility that being fully awake or Dr. 
Pepper(tm) couldn't.  The power of writing stems its way through me 
rooting me to my spot until I am finished.  My thoughts are branches 
that reach out to my inner self and pull the ideas out of my very soul. 
These ideas conflict sometimes causing my thoughts to be screwed and 
they slowly cogregate back in order again and make perfect sense. 
Sometimes words just flash into my mind like a type of suddeness 
unknown to any but myself.  The emotions of my words flow through me 
like a mountain spring with a chill to ease me and a soft rush to keep 
me alert.  This sensation grows until I can't take it anymore and I am 
caused to focus on something anew.  Then the same feeling rushes 
through me yet swifter and more of a biting feel to it.  With that 
swifter rush I am totally focused and nothing can stop me unless the 
winds of my soul die away to nothingness and I fall deep within myself 
and am absorbed into this nothingness and I fall into a worthy 
dreamless sleep that had been long awaiting my company. 


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