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The Sinking Ed (standard:romance, 1329 words)
Author: Freya GriffinAdded: Oct 13 2002Views/Reads: 1899/1195Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
When the Sinking Ed first started (edited)

One day while getting reasonably drunk in Mikey's room, Zac asked an
important question. 

'Are we ever going to record, Steve?' 

Stephen who was also getting dizzy and happy, never thought about that
before. Super Truck had been going for four years since the first time 
they declared the name. They went on stage opening for some famous band 
that came to their town (or neighboring towns). They're invited to play 
in school parties. They're quite famous as a local band, but still no 
recording offer. 

At this time Zac also played with some of his friend whenever he's not
busy with Super Truck. He's been doing freelance playing for several 
other bands, most of them didn't even pay him. He wanted Super Truck to 
send some demos to music companies and try their luck. The problem was, 
everyone was getting too busy to even think about it. They enjoyed 
playing small gigs in parties and festivals. 

'I don't think we could afford to dive in from the cliff, Zac', Edward
murmurly answered the question for Stephen. 

'That's too bad. I would love it to make a music video', Mikey chuckled.

'We don't exactly have the materials to start anything, Zac. The last
song we wrote was a complete dung hole. Let's face it, we're not that 
gifted', Edward added. 

Zac blew rings of smoke, sighing. Live's Lightning Crashes was blaring
loudly in Mikey's stereo set. 

'I like going on stage. The idea to actually spend our whole live on the
road from stage to stage is not what i have in mind for my future', 
Stephen sounded sorry to say that. 

'Yeah, he wants a small house with blue roof and white fences', Edward
bursted in laughter followed by Mikey. 

'You have something in mind, Zac?', Stephen looked at his close friend
who was burried deep in his thoughts. 

'I got an offer to to play the other week. Pudman's friends made this
band playing mainly pure shit they wrote. They needed a drummer 'coz 
their last one was nearly OD'd and his parents made sure he's not 
returning to the pack anymore', Zac chuckled on this. His friends were 
listening intently. 

'Anyway, they said they're going to try to sign a deal sometimes soon,
and i just thought that's really cool. I told them that Super Truck is 
my main concern right now and i can't go straight to any offer without 
thinking', with this silence fell between them.. 

Stephen had always thought Zac as a good drummer. He knew this time
would come, when one of the Super Truck parts would want to upgrade 
themselves. Zac did deserve a better chance then getting stuck in a 
small band like Super Truck. 

'If you want to go, you can go. Surely we could have another audition to
fill your spot if you decided to go', Stephen broke the silence. 

'I'll miss you, man', Mikey suddenly feel so overwhelmed and nearly

'Liz would miss you', Edward added. Shortly after that a riot broke with
pillows and books and stuffs flying around as they tried to get 
confessions out of Zac. 

Nothing to confess really. Mostly because Zac always lost his cool
around Liz that he would got even worse. He would started to gapping, 
tried hard not to be too obvious as he blushed and his heart leaped 
everytime Liz got too near. The girls didn't seem to notice, but the 
boys made this a big joke eachtime they gathered without the girls. 

'Why, Zac? Why?', Stephen laughed until his eyes watered. 

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