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Piercing (standard:romance, 830 words)
Author: Freya GriffinAdded: Oct 13 2002Views/Reads: 2042/1205Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
So when is it that it first hit Zac? Times before the Sinking Ed. (edited)

Zac Filmore wasn't sure when he started to develop some serious fondness
toward Liz DiMarco. She was not physically attractive, in the meaning 
that she's not that hot. She did have a sweet genuine smile that makes 
you feel this girl is always happy. And her lustrous golden brown hair. 
But Zac was seeing Jane Meads and had asked her out for the coming prom 
since the beginning of their senior year. 

Stephen Preston thought differently. 'There's definitely some serious
sparks that fly between them since we first auditioned Liz. It was Zac 
who first suggested in a rather strongly manner that we should take 
this girl-Liz-as our new band member' 

Daisy later recalled it as; 'It was since she took off her black
stockings for him' 

Edward chose not to comment on anything. 

Mikey thought it started when Zac showed up with his first piercing. 

A month before prom, Super Truck joined the audition to play in the
party and Zac didn't show up on the promised time they've agreed that 
day. They were supposed to meet at the Prestons' garage at seven 
because Stephen is a bit nervous and wanted it to be perfect. 

'Where is he? We can't start anything without the drummer', Daisy
complained. Mikey was busy tuning up his Fender guitar in the corner. 
Edward was reading a magazine and Liz was listening to their recorded 
rehearsals through a headphone. 

'His mother said he hasn't been home since last night', the Filmores
lived just a few house away from the Prestons. 

'Maybe he got lucky and spent the night at Jane Mead's. It's only just
seven. Naturally he'd want top stay in bed longer', Edward thoughtfully 
said under the magazine. 

'Maybe. Still he's late and there's no excuse for that!' 

'Ow, be kind Daisy-days, i'm always late when i spent the night with
you', and for that Edward got a deadly high-heeled kick in the shin. 

Zac showed up two hours later, an hour away from the scheduled audition
in the gym. Everyone was pissed and Zac uttered his almost 
expresionless deepest-apologies. 

'You pierced your eyebrow, man! That's cool!', Mikey noticed. He already
got several of his own in his ears and lower lip. 

'Is that why you're late?', Stephen looked closely, forgotten a bit
about his previous anger. Zac already had two tattoos by then but body 
piercing is something else. 

'Sort of. I'm sorry. I stayed at Pudman's place last night. And i woke
up late. Sorry' 

'Try and pierce your nipple, man. I think i'm going to have mine done
after grad'. The girls stared curiously at Mikey. 

The piercing was still new. It looked a bit swollen and red and painful.

'Can we get started, or you guys want to go straight to school now?',
Zac asked. 

'Oh well, we practiced a hell whole time throughout the year. Whatever
happens, happens. Let's split now', Stephen sighed. 

The gym was already filled with kids from their school waiting to be
auditioned. They sat on the floor in an empty spot, waiting. Stephen 
went to check in for their turn. 

Liz sat next to the tapping Zac. Looking at the pierced eyebrow. 

'Did that hurt?', she asked. 

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