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Black Stockings (standard:romance, 1282 words)
Author: Freya GriffinAdded: Oct 13 2002Views/Reads: 2761/1321Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
You have to read Liz's Visiting first to know what i'm talking about. (edited)

Liz DiMarco loved black stockings. Half of her drawers were filled with
it. She would wear it in many occasions, along with her pleated 
knee-length skirt. Sometimes she wore her precious cashmere top with 
it, sometimes her numerous shirts collection- each with ruffles and 
rumples. Her hair was worn long down over shoulders. It was golden 
brown, thick, with lustrous waves. She hated it but she didn't trust 
beauty saloon and their chemical treatments. (But you wear make-up 
anyway, teased Edward Green one day) 

She showed up in the Super Truck's audition for a back-up singer one day
and was taken for granted for her geekish nerdish look. And then she 
hit the high pitches with such ease that left everyone wondered where 
the hell had she been? ('Buried in the library along with other geeks, 
naturally', Stephen Preston once gracefully commented) 

She left the garage used for the audition abruptly that she didn't know
all the Super Truck members had voted for her to fill the position 
behind the bassist and just a little right in front of the drum set 
beside the keyboard. And so Liz's short career as a singer in a band 

The Super Truck had nothing to do with truck drivers. It was founded by
three close friends that went all the way back to primary school (two 
of them even had been friends since they were in diapers), Edward 
Green, Stephen Preston, and Zachary Filmore. Edward played the bass, 
Stephen played the guitar and did some singing, and Zac played the 
drum, because he's the only one who can. They began by playing their 
noisy unsynchronised version of Kiss' songs in Preston's garage in 
their younger days. This made them quite immune to door-banging, 
foot-kicking, bottle-throwing, high decibels-swearing, of their 
complaining neighbours-and what they're about to have in the future, 
fans. Also made the Prestons had to cover their garage walls with soft 
sponges to create a small soundproof music studio for Stephen and his 
band gang-thank you to Preston Sr., who had wisely believed that every 
child must have the opportunity to find their own identity and talents. 

One boring summer day at their junior year in high school, they declared
their band should be handled more seriously and therefore should have a 
proper name. Several names came up such as, the Avatars, the Crying 
Monkeys, the Villain (opposing the Police which was getting quite 
famous then), KISSy, Shut Ur Stinking Self Up (or the SUSSU band, to 
honour their faithful and patient neighbours), and got even more 
desperate that they considered Boring Summer as a name. They spent two 
days alone thinking about various names that may sound cool when 
announced on stage. Super Truck was then picked because it wasn't 
common to name a band like that-or so they thought. 'And with this 
peculiar name, we should be remembered forever!' the young starry-eyed 
Stephen Preston proudly declared. 

They found Daisy James several months later to fill the void. She was
Edward's personal sexual object (according to Zac) and she played the 
keyboard quite well. ('She has gifted fingers', confessed Edward Green 
years after). With Daisy, they started to play in parties. Pool 
parties, trashing parties, birthday parties, wedding parties, funeral 
parties, any kind of parties they could spot before any other band 
spotted it first. Of course this made their dream to perform something 
more daring, such as supporting monochrome KISS style costumes, or 
doing some stage diving, head banging rituals, had to be restrained. 

They became POP. Anything in the Top 40 chart or some popular oldies,
U2, Spandau Ballet, Bon Jovi (if they're lucky), Elton John, Madonna, 
anything. The songs that most common people in a civilized party would 
want to hear and dance with. They made money out of these musical 
activities and they didn't complain. 

Mikey Bird joined early in their senior year to play lead guitar. The
Super Truck was getting famous. They were invited to school parties, 
and to play in clubs and all. They needed some feminine voice to sing 
some notes, which Stephen couldn't sing, no matter how talented he was 
as a choir member in the beginning of his music career. Since Daisy 
couldn't sing, they put up an audition, in which Liz walked in to the 

The band is to practice three times a week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, or

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